Oviya: I don't want to see another Sushant in Tamil Nadu!

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Wed, Jul 29th, 2020, 16:21:44hrs

Bigg Boss fame Oviya has been heavily coming down on the reality show saying that they are manipulative and branded her a mentally disturbed person. She also said that the organizers torture the contestants till they reach the verge of suicide for TRP.

When a netizen asked why she hasn't opened her mouth in 2017, the year when she appeared in the first season of Bigg Boss and gladly signed the contract paper, the actress tweeted:"A contract paper should not be the license to put someone in mental trauma or make them commit suicide. Every life matters! I'm not saying to ban the show. At least show some mercy sir!we are all human".

She also added: "How can I say this sir. They have already declared I was mentally unstable when I left the show. Now also I'm saying this to my satisfaction. I know nothing gonna change In this toxic manipulative world of corporate companies".

Oviya finally put a full stop by saying "I don't want to see another Sushant in Tamil Nadu. Please leave this topic, it's my mistake".