Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 16 January 2016

Movie Title



G Marthandan

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Anoop Menon, Miya

Director G Marthandan’s Paavada offers most of the in-demand ingredients of these times, like comedy on booze and some lavish dose of double meaning jokes. 

Also there is a courtroom drama towards the end, the kind of which was mandatory in movies some two decades back. It’s all there but on the whole, this one succeeds in keeping the viewers engaged.

‘Pambu’ Joy (Prithviraj) is an alcoholic, who is married to a nurse Sini (Miya) and they live in modest surroundings. The first half is mainly sequences about Joy’s escapades with the bottle and also his life, until he meets another drunkard Babu Joseph (Anoop Menon), a former English professor.

The various episodes, involving the unending drinking sessions, have been presented like those “just for laughs” type of gags. 

The story is about how the lives of these two male leads are connected, where the justifications for them hitting the bottle, have been shown. 

In all fairness, there is a genuine storyline here that takes the story ahead, though it has been narrated in an extremely melodramatic manner with all the usual clichés. 

The script by Bipin Chandran has been made it in a fine manner by Marthandan, obviously to cater mainly to the not so discerning viewer. 

Prithviraj looks convincing as an alcoholic and the hero gets in to the shoes of a guy who is ready to do any kind of menial jobs for a living, with remarkable ease. With a salt 'n' pepper look, Anoop Menon also has done a good job. 

The supporting cast has also fared well, though some of the characters come and go, just like that.

Paavada has been narrated in highly conventional lines and could have been better, if it was more competently packaged with some trimming. But even in the current form, this one works, if you don’t sit and think much. Now, decide on your own!

Verdict: Masala entertainer

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