Pachai Engira Kaathu

Pachai Engira Kaathu


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Movie Title

Pachai Engira Kaathu



Star Cast

Vaasagar, Devathai, Dhruvan, Mura, Appukutty

This film took about three years to release and that too with a lot of difficulty faced by the team, discloses director Keera. The film has a rural theme and environment, realistically captured on camera and enacted beautifully by the team of newcomers.

The story revolves around Pachai (Vaasagar), a village youth who gives up studies believing he is meant for bigger things in life. He roams around with his friend Navhaath ( Dhruvan) and generally gets into trouble with people thanks to his high handed and forceful ways.

He joins a political party and is christened Kaathu, even as he dreams of greatness. But he manages to ruffle feathers and make enemies there too. This results in him going to jail after several murders of a politician?s family. He takes shelter with the opposition and is granted protection and continues in his journey of a vagabond life, drinking and eve-teasing a girl he loves called Tamilselvi ( Devathai).

The entire story is told in flashback at the grave of the dead Pachai, remembered by his loyal friend and cousin brother.

The music of the film, except for one rather modern number, matches the rural theme of the movie and has a raw, rustic and genuine feel to it, making it one of the highlights of the film.

The performances are commendable, with special mention of Vaasagar who portrays all emotions with ease. He practically lives the role, making you believe in the character. Devathai has handled her double role very well and performs the vengeful murder scene with great credibility. The comedy is inherent in the day to day situations, lifestyle and dialogues of the characters and carries a realistic feel.

However, the violence in the film especially the climax is not for the weak hearted. Some scenes have a certain feel of repetitiveness as Pachai keeps on pursuing Devathai relentlessly. Overall, the film is a brave attempt to realistically portray how a man is betrayed not only by people close to him, but by his own past which catches up with him, proving that violence only begets more violence.

Verdict: Violent

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