Padayottam review: A genuine popcorn entertainer

Though Biju Menon's Padayottam is a dark comedy, it will appeal to all moviegoers and is even a potential remake material

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 15 September 2018

Movie Title

Padayottam review: A genuine popcorn entertainer


Rafeek Ibrahim

Star Cast

Biju Menon, Dileesh Pothen,Sudhi Koppa, Saiju Kurup

By Moviebuzz

Padayottam is an unadulterated timepass comedy entertainer filled with enjoyable one-liners, engaging screenplay and actors who are picture perfect for the characters written by Arun AR and Ajai Rahu. Biju Menon is once again at the centre of the mirth and has again brought out a quirky gangster black comedy.

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The film begins with Pinku (Basil Joseph) who was about to get thrashed by three local goons but his friends Senen (Dileesh Pothen), Renchu (Sudhi Koppa), and Sreekuttan (Saiju Kurup) save him. In another scene, Pinku drinks heavily after his crush married some other guy and go to a petty shop, where he picks up a fight. The next day morning, Pinku is found wounded and fractured at a hospital, he also got the mobile phone of the guy who beat him.

Now, friends Senen, Renchu, and Sreekuttan take an oath to kidnap the guy who walloped Pinku. While exploring the mobile phone, they found that the guy is from Kasaragod so to accomplish the mission they approach their big brother and local goon Chenkkal Raghu (Biju Menon).

Raghu is a respectable gangster in Thiruvananthapuram, he is also a God-fearing, obedient son to his mom. As Pinku once unintentionally saves the life of Raghu, he decides to help out the three boys. Now, all the four decides to go on a road trip to kidnap the ‘Kasargod’ guy who beats up Pinku. The problem arises only after they know that the guy is the son of a top gangster.

Padayottam provides quality entertainment right from scene one. The beauty about the film is that all the characters sound serious and only the situation and their performances bring the roof down. It is easy to infuse comedy when you have a comical gangster but here Biju Menon is a powerful goon yet we laugh at him. At the same time, Biju gets enough heroic moments in action sequences and the interval episode where he challenges the Kasargod gangster over the phone.

Biju Menon is the perfect choice to play Raghu, the actor got the swag to carry the local goon, the lungi clad and thick beard works in favour of his character. The three friends Dileesh Pothen, Sudhi Koppa, and Saiju Kurup share an adorable bromance whereas Basil Joseph has also done a neat job. The bond between Biju and the three friends also worked tremendously that the entire road trip from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargod is hilarious. Even small characters including the gangster who has suicidal thoughts and an obese goon are cleverly written.

All the songs by Prashant Pillai gel well with the screenplay and there is no unnecessary duet and romance track for the hero. Cinematographer Satheesh Kurup perfectly captured the mood of the characters and varying locations from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargod. Director Rafeek Ibrahim deserves a pat for his efficient filmmaking skills that he provides quality entertainment without any commercial compromise.

Generally, dark comedy only appeals to the niche audiences but Padayottam will appeal to all moviegoers, this film is a genuine popcorn entertainer and a potential remake material!

Padayottam review: Popcorn entertainer

Reactions from Social Media:
Hisham @hishh

First half of #Padayottam is super. Black comedy and loving it. Superb casting and highly entertaining. Waiting for next half..!!

Devi #RebuildKerala @de_extremist
#Padayottam - anyaaayam. Loved it.

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1
#Padayottam offers few laughs, though the settings and premise are beaten to death.There is nothing new in the characters as well including Biju Menon. An average watch for those who want some time pass.

Gani @Ganirulz
#Padayottam is super fun entertainer and thoroughly enjoyable. Well arranged Black-comedies & perfect casting will leave you enough fun.And above all it's a perfect remake materiel to other languages.

Rajasekar @sekartweets
Loved #BijuMenon's #Padayottam, a hilarious fun ride. Potential remake material for Tamil with @VijaySethuOffl in the lead and the title should be #SoodhuKavvum2 :)

M'wood Updates @abureload2
An above average movie with a decent first half and climax
Biju Menon once again shows his caliber in comedy
2nd half lags at some point due to the weak script...& Songs are not impressive
Rating: 3/5

An Above Average - Paisa Vasool Comedy Flick From #BijuMenon
Good Start From #Director Rafeek Ibrahim

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