Pakka review: Watch it at your own risk!

A crushing disappointment on all count

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 28 April 2018

Movie Title

Pakka review: Watch it at your own risk!


SS Surya

Star Cast

Vikram Prabhu, Bindhu Madhavi, Nikki Galrani, Soori, Sathish

First things first- SS Surya 's Pakka is a crushing disappointment on all counts.

The writing is the weak link here. There is little surprise or unpredictability in the old fashioned narrative. Vikram Prabhu tries his best but the film is weighed down by its many contrivances.

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The film begins with Nadhiya (Bindhu Madhavi) who tries to commit suicide on the railway track and Dhoni Kumar (Vikram Prabhu) rescues her. Nadhiya mistakes Kumar as Pandi but later comes to know that they are two different people and narrates her love story which is told in a flashback. Pandi is a small-time toy seller who goes to various villages to run his business. Impressed by his kind hearted nature, Nadhiya falls for him but her parents oppose. Nadhiya leaves home and goes in search of Pandi.

Finally, when Nadhiya finds Pandi,  they decide to elope and the flashback ends. Now Dhoni Kumar promises Nadhiya that he will find her lover. The second half has another flashback! This is about the half-baked love story of Dhoni Kumar and Rajini Radha...

Even the rural entertainers of 80's and 90's had a proper screenplay, well written characters and comedy but in Pakka everything falls flat. The first half has Soori and the second half has Sathish as comedian but the corny jokes fail to evoke any laughter. Among the cast it is the effervescent Nikki Galrani who has a nice screen presence as Rajini Radha.

Watch it at your own risk

Pakka review- Verdict: Bore

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Ranga Subramaniya Iyengar @RangaSubramanim

Excellent rural commercial entertainer
@iamVikramPrabhu terrific as *DhoniKumar ardent dhoni fan
@nikkigalrani as Rajini Radha as superstar fan.
Summer treat don't miss it.

Review Ram @MovieReviewRam
#Pakka - Interval - Worsto wostu

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