Palakkattu Madhavan

Palakkattu Madhavan



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 03 July 2015

Movie Title

Palakkattu Madhavan



Star Cast

Vivek, Sonia Aggarwal, Sheela

Veteran comedy actor Vivek has once again tries his luck as a hero with Palakkattu Madhavan. Unlike Vivek's previous heroic venture Naan Thaan Bala, this movie sticks to comedy genre and manages to engage us only because of the actor's screen presence.

Madhavan(Vivek) earns lesser than his wife Lakshmi(Sonia Aggarwal) which makes him feel inferior. Moreover, both of them work in the same company and Madhavan hates the pestering manager (Manobala) as well.

At one point of time, Madhavan resigns his job and tries his try his hand at various professions to ensure that he earns more money than his wife but nothing works out. Finally he adopts an old woman (Sheela) as his mother because it would will give him the needed monthly salary which is higher than his wife's earning. But this strange adoption leads to a big tremor in his family!

Performance wise, Vivek single-handedly carries the film on his shoulders while all other actors are stereotypical and loud. The production value of the film looks extremely low that the producers have not invested much except for the foreign song. The color tone and production design give the feel of watching a Tamil TV serial.

Director Chandramohan's idea is definitely interesting but he falls short in execution, a little bit of effort in writing and some extra push from the producers would have been helpful!

Verdict: Average

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