Pardesi Re

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 29 November 2002

Movie Title

Pardesi Re


Kewal Krishna

Star Cast

Ashutosh Rana, Shama Sikandar, Shruti Ulfat

By Ad-Lib

Rating: ? *

Two people who should never again try their hand at direction and acting (as main lead) are Kewal Krishna and Ashutosh Rana respectively. Their latest offering Pardesi Re is as bad as cinema can get and makes you wonder why were these two clowns making such a movie? A terrible take-off on Manoj Kumar?s Purab Aur Paschim, this patriotic film is nothing but a sheer waste of time.

Desi Jawan Prabhakar, a singer is called by FM jockey Ragini (Shruti Ulfat) to London to sing for her channel. The motherland ?bhaqt? doesn?t want to leave his country but has no choice, as the money he will earn there will pay for his sister?s marriage. In London he stays at the FM owner?s home, where he behaves obnoxiously with the owner?s daughter Diya (Shama Sikander).

She swims all day while he stares shamelessly, making her hate him for his dirty stares. But one day when he saves her from getting raped by her boyfriend, she suddenly falls in love with him and decides to settle down with him. They fall in love, come together to India but as soon as she lands here, she realizes that it is not the place for her and their conflict begins. While he cannot stop singing praises of his motherland, she wants to run back to her London swimming pool. But finally, all is well that ends well in this stranger than any other flick, as the lovers unite and swim the tides together.

Pardesi Re proves one thing for sure- that Ashutosh Rana should stick to being a villain. As a hero, he?s a big fat ZERO. As for the starlets, they are best forgotten but Shama will surely make a great swimming instructor. The rest of the technical team in this melodrama is wasted completely. Barring the average cinematography and music (Sujeet), everything else is tacky in this crappy film. Avoid it like the plague!

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