Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 09 November 2009

Movie Title



K Sanjay

Star Cast

Tarun, Rekha, Avinash

Film makers boast a lot about Indian culture that they showcase in their films despite the fact that they copy a lot from Hollywood. Sanjay's first film was the Indianised version of It Happened One Night.

This one is a rip-off of Serendipity, that released eight years back and a few versions have come out in Telugu and Tamil. But all credit to Sanjay for making a slick visual treat out of the adaptation. Except for a second half that needs some editing, Parichaya is a decent watch. Three lovely songs in the film are already hit and captured brilliantly on screen.

Jayanth (Tarun Chandra) and Nimmi/Nirmala (Rekha) have a series of co-incidental encounters on Valentine's Day. They depart without exchanging phone numbers as Nimmi believes if destiny wants them to together they will meet again. The rest of the film is a series of unfortunate misses as each of them tries to get in touch with the other in vain. Jayanth is betrothed and as his marriage approaches fate seems to keep him away from Nimmi.

Sanjay has paid great attention to detail. Tarun and Rekha are apt for their roles. Both have done pretty good job. Avinash and Shobraj play characters that are quite different from what they normally play on screen.

The camerawork and songs are top class. The first half of the film runs like a breeze. A trimmer second half would have taken ?Parichaya? a notch higher.

?Parichaya? is still worth a look

Verdict: Average

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