Pattathu Yaanai

Pattathu Yaanai



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 27 July 2013

Movie Title

Pattathu Yaanai


Boopathy Pandian

Star Cast

Santhanam, Vishal, Aishwarya Arjun

Director Boopathy Pandian?s core strength is mass comedy entertainers with some action in the climax. His latest Vishal film Pattathu Yaanai the first half is comedy and post interval it turns out to be an action film!

The mishmash of comedy and action goes awry, as the film is neither here nor there and ends up as a cold Masala Dosa which tastes bland. Boopathy Pandian should have played to his strength, which is comedy.

There is nothing new in story and presentation. The film opens with Gouravam (Santhanam), a wedding caterer being threatened by a rowdy to cater to his marriage. Enter Saravanan (Vishal) and his merry men as cooks who comes to his rescue and then story shifts to Tiruchi where Gouravam plans to set up a hotel. Sarvanan rescues Aishwarya (Aishwarya), from some baddies who want to marry her by force and acquire her house. The calm and quiet Saravanan has a deadly past .

It has a weak script, bad music and placement of songs has totally gone awry. There is not even one hummable number from Thaman and in the climax chase the bgm is lifted from a Bollywood film! The film is also too long and post-interval the long drawn out climax starts

The only silver lining in the film is Santhanam and his one liners like ? ?Colour Xerox Edutha Godzila Mathiri?. The first half is enjoyable thanks to Santhanam but in the second half comedy scenes come after every fight scene, with villains turning comedians in the end!

Vishal has done exactly what he has done in his previous action films, with same angry expressions in superbly choreographed action scenes. Aishwarya Arjun with her heavy make-up has hardly anything to do and could have opted for a better debut. Santhanam livens up the proceedings occasionally .

On the whole Pattathu Yaanai is a run-of-the mill masala film, with nothing new in presentation.

Verdict ? Disappointing

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