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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 16 October 2009

Movie Title



SP Jananadhan

Star Cast

Jayam Ravi, Dhansika, Maha, Liasri, Saranya, Vasundhara

Ayngaran International can take pride that they have produced Peranmai, a different type of entertainer with a subtle message. It is a film within the commercial format, but does not pander to mass masala, which itself is a welcome change.

SP Jananathan is a gutsy and daring director to make a pro-reservation film, which shows the upper caste tilts in our administration. Here is a definitive movie with a moral framework, and commitment along with a stunning and realistic climax.

In an interview, Jananathan has said that ?Peranmai means a man who has complete control over his body and soul, which means he has the best of manly qualities?. His hero Dhruvan (Jayam Ravi) is a tribal and forest guard who works for the welfare of his tribe and spreading education among them. Ganapathiram (Ponvannan) is his boss and a forest ranger who at every opportune moment insults and ridicules him for being a low caste.

One day Dhruvan is put in charge of five arrogant girls (Dhansika, Maha, Liasri, Saranya and Vasundhara) all NCC cadets, who are on a trekking mission. The girls are initially reluctant to work under Dhruvan, more out of his being born into a lower caste and humiliate him. However inside the forest they find out that he is a very efficient and smart guy who knows his way about.

Meanwhile they stumble on a group of foreign mercenaries led by Anderson (Roland Kickenger) who are planning to stop India?s scientific progress by destroying a rocket launch by using missiles. The rocket launch is to take place from Valiamalai inside the forest area. Dhruvan and the five girls using tact, guts and courage try to stop the 16 well armed foreigners from launching the missile. As duty calls, can Dhruvan and his five women army who now bond together succeed to save our space system?

The first half of the film is slow moving and tedious as it takes place at a NCC training camp, where the director is trying to establish his hero?s character as a restrained, calm and composed guy who does not get rattled when he is treated almost with contempt by the girls and his senior officer. The way the girls tease him after a time becomes irritating. The censors have muted a lot of anti reservation dialogues in the film, and there are also some double entendres.

However the fast-paced second half and stunning climax is the highlight of the film. Jayam Ravi is brilliant as Dhruvan. Calm and composed, he makes the transition from the lover boy to an action hero with ease. For the first time, Ravi does not sing a song nor does he romance. All the five girls in the film look natural and promising. Vadivel is there to lighten the proceedings and Oorvasi as teacher is ok. Ponvannan is perfect as the officer, who walks away with all the glory of the other person?s hard work and dedication. Roland Kikenger has hardly anything to do other than look menacing.

Vidyasagar?s music is a snore though his background score is appealing. A major plus are the locations inside the forest and the action scenes of Miracle Michael. The fist to fist combat and the methods used by our hero to kill the opponents are taken in a very stylish and realistic manner with deft camera movements of Satish Kumar. The art director Selva Kumar?s armoury of guns and missiles which he has created for the film looks real.

Though the film may not have mass appeal to work in B & C it will definitely attract the city audiences for its smashingly original climax. It is a brave film that is trying to change the placid world of Tamil cinema.

Verdict- Brave attempt

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