Perumthachan director Ajayan is up in arms against producer Good Knight Mohan

Last Updated: Fri, Jul 15, 2016 10:33 hrs

Filmmaker Ajayan’s Perumthachan ranks amongst one of the finest films ever made in Malayalam. However, after the film, which came out in 1991 and won several prestigious honours, Ajayan has not directed another film.

In an interview with a prominent TV channel, the filmmaker came up with accusations against producer Good Knight Mohan.

After Perumthachan, Ajayan wanted to make a film titled Manikyakkallu. Eminent writer M T Vasudevan Nair wrote a script as well. Good Knight Mohan wanted to produce the film and he got the rights for all other languages, except Malayalam, which was with Ajayan. This resulted in a lot of confusions and eventually Manikyakkallu never happened, says Ajayan.

Ajayan, son of the doyen of Malayalam theatre Thoppil Bhasi, says Mohan wanted to make the film with Priyadarshan as the director and has sold the rights of the script to a prominent production giant. 

Though Ajayan has presented his version of the story, Mohan’s comments on the issue has not come out as yet.