'Piku' Review: As nutty as it is charming!

'Piku' Review: As nutty as it is charming!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 08 May 2015

Movie Title

'Piku' Review: As nutty as it is charming!


Shoojit Sircar

Star Cast

Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan

A stressful work-life, a father who is as constipated inside as heis outside, and zero romance that sums up the life of our centralcharacter Piku (Padukone). She treats him like a child her 70-year-oldfather who is as stubborn as a brat—and we realize she doesn't have anoption.

You will immediately be able to pinpoint a parent, uncle, orrelative in the character of Bhaskor (Bachchan), a senior citizen whois quite a handful. The kind that loves to get medical tests done, andis then genuinely disappointed when everything shows normal."Kuch bhi nahin nikla?" asks Bhaskor with a long face when Piku showshim his medical reports.

Which is why, he loves his bowel problem (he thinks Elvis Presleydied of constipation), a tool with which he can get the attention ofhis daughter Piku. He thinks nothing of sending her office messageswith details of his morning business, and will even interrupt a datewith the same. No wonder the poor girl is single, we gasp in horror ather father's immaturity, even as he is now troubling the house-maid,accusing her of stealing phenyl. But he's adorable all the same, andwe fall in love with this quirky father-daughter pair—both with amercurial temper and strange habits.

Things escalate during a road trip, where the father-daughter duois joined by Rana (Khan) who is driving them to Kolkata.

Kudos to story, screenplay an dialogue writer Juhi Chaturvedi forbring us this eccentric comedy that's as full of laughs as it is fullof feeling. And what astute storytelling by Shoojit Sircar (VickyDonor, Madras Cafe)! He brings these unique characters alive andmakes us so emotionally invested in them, we often forget we arewatching a movie.

The film is worth a repeat viewing just for the performances.You've got to hand it to Deepika Padukone! What an incrediblyheartfelt performance. As the girl who is forced to take charge ofhome and her father's (fairly good) health, and is slightly bitterabout the same, Padukone is extraordinary. It's a delight to watch hersift through varying emotions, as the narrative changes, with the easeof a veteran.

Amitabh Bachchan proves he's a master yet again, and as the crabbyyet loveable Bhaskor, his performance is worth savouring. He'sespecially adorable when he introduces people, also mentioning whetherthe person is a Bengali or not.

Irrfan Khan, the most grounded character of all, is wonderful as anunlikely love interest. Again, Khan makes this character real andimmensely likeable. There are some lovely performances by theperipheral characters including a cameo by Moushmi Chatterjee.

The film's cinematography capturing Banares and Kolkata’s homegrownloveliness, the editing, and the sound design are all aces.

In the end, however, you will love this nutty comedy for itscharacters that are nuttier still. Much like all of us and the peoplewe love. "Death and shit can come anywhere," says a character. That'squite a philosophy! Watch it, and then watch again. This one's awinner!

Rating: Four and a half stars

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