Please don’t call me a commercial director: KV Anand

Last Updated: Tue, Apr 07, 2009 05:08 hrs

K.V Anand is all smiles after his second film Ayan has been declared a hit by the trade. But the modest, down-to-earth filmmaker does not think the same way, quite different from other directors who shout from the rooftop that their films are super hits on the day of the release even if halls are empty.

Ayan is freshly packaged family entertainer that’s breezy, racy and full of fun that keeps you glued to your seats for 2 hours and 38 minutes. In this candid interview to, KV Anand opens up about the accolades and criticisms that he is receiving.

What is your state of mind after Ayan has been declared a hit?

(Smiles) How can you say that the film is a hit on the third day? I can’t accept it and would like to wait for a week before you give it a verdict. I have been visiting all the theatres and find that women audiences are enjoying it, something which all of us had doubts. On the whole, I am satisfied.

You are being modest. But all theatres have reported full house during the week-end?
I have to thank my producer Mr Saravanan and Guhan of AVM who supported me all through. In fact he called me up after the release and said that the credit of the film taking a great opening was due to marketing of Sun Pictures and the good word-of-mouth among audiences is due to the director. It made me very happy.

The critics say that the item song by Koena Mitra was unwanted and sticks out like a sore thumb. Please comment?

Actually I am surprised at the response I am getting about the film. Some people like the first half while others root for the second half. Regarding the Koena Mitra song, I know that even in Chennai such dances happen in beach houses and private parties. The song was choreographed by noted Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Acharya. And the song is intercepted with some important scenes in the story. Even my favorite director like Mani Ratnam has similar songs in his films. So why blame me?

People just love the scene in which Jagan takes Surya to a brothel which looks like a normal middle class house in the neighborhood. Your comments?
My friends are pulling my leg, asking if I conceived the scene after my personal experience (smiles), but frankly I got the idea from a newspaper report about such houses which operate as brothel. I took extra care about the casting in that scene, as Kalai Rani has only played a good mother to our heroes in all her films and even the girls you see are the girl-next-door types without any oomph. I think that’s why the scene worked with the audiences.

What is the worst comment that you heard so far?
All my friends from the industry called me to congratulate me and the single line they all say is- “Anand you have arrived as a successful commercial director”. I am actually not too happy to hear that and I feel guilty to be called as a masala commercial director, which I am not. My intention was not to make a pucca mass entertainer and I believe that Ayan is a realistic film with logic in every scene. I agree that the film has songs and fights but tell me one single scene that’s not realistic? I have made a realistic film within the entertainment format.

Many reviewers pointed out that the climax of the film was a rip-off of “Catch me if you can”? Please comment?
It was taken from Shuba’s book “Madipadi Kuttrangal” which he wrote in 1988. Moreover many people have mistaken the climax scene thinking that Surya is given a job in customs by Ponvannan. He only asks the hero to fill up the application form and it’s for the audiences to think that only if he is eligible will he get the job!

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Looking back at Ayan what’s the most satisfying thing about it?
It has to be the hard work in detailing, research and realism that my team took to make each and every scene convincing. Be it the customs department, police station scenes, drug trafficking or the smuggling, I can only write the script but it was my art director, assistants, cameraman and every unit member who helped me to execute it well. Surya is complete professional was a great actor to work with.

So what next?
I am off to US for a holiday cum work trip. I will be in Las Vegas for NAB (National Assocation of Broadcasters), an exhibition of latest editing softwares and cameras. I will be attending a workshop and learning more about the latest solutions in audio, video, film and broadcasting. Later I will be spending some time with my brothers in Pittsburgh and New Jersey.