Police Quarters

Police Quarters



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 06 January 2010

Movie Title

Police Quarters


AMR Ramesh

Star Cast

Aneesh, Sonu, Dilipraj, Avinash

This bilingual in Kannada and Tamil by director AMR Ramesh who is still basking in the glory of Cyanide has struck to formula of a documentary style in his narrative of a real story.

Shot in the actual locales of police quarters in Bangalore, director Ramesh manages a decent film. The periods of 1968, 1992 and 2009 director focus explain the rigorous work he has done on the script.

Ashwin (Anish) a careless wanderer playing pranks all the time lives with his mother (Sharanya) is very close to Anitha?s (Sonu) family. That is because the concern that Anitha?s dad had given after the death of Ashwin father (Dharma). Raju (Dilip Raj) is another good friend of Ashwin, who lives in the police quarters.

Anita, very intelligent in her studies falls in love with Ashwin because he saves her life in the aftermath of Babri Masjid communal clash. Raju plays cupid between Anitha and Ashwin love but this is mistaken by Ashwin?s mother. Anita parents find a match for her but she persuades Ashwin to elope with her.

The lovers run away and the drama takes a devious turn when Ashwin himself hand over the bride Anitha to her parents. It is the most distressing time for him as he reads a letter written by his mother just before his decision. That is curious aspect and Ashwin goes missing after handing over Anitha.

The film has all the sensitive elements for a gripping watch. But while Ramesh picks up all the incidents from the real story, the riots of 1992 just an excuse for stunt riding. The relationships between the characters making the commercial film very much like a documentary. The film is still good enough for a one-time watch.

It is Sonu all the way. She has given a pretty good performance and this variety was lacking for her in her previous films. Aneesh Tejeswar has right attitude to suit this kind of ruffian role. Dilipraj is once again modest in his portions. Sharanya, Avinash are quite impressive.

James Vasanth lovely tunes add to the commercial value of the film. Dwarakanath has done a neat job in his camera.

Verdict ? Average

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