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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 28 July 2012

Movie Title



Gandhi Marx

Star Cast

Ravirahul, Nisha Lalvani, Vetri, Yatra, Ranjith, Narayanan

It?s not often one gets to see a jungle thriller and once in a way when one comes along, there are always expectations that hopefully it may showcase something different and offbeat. But Pollangu disappoints.

The storyline and premise is cliched. Jancy ( Nisha) and Rahul ( Ravi Rahul) are alone in a guest house bordering a jungle. The duo gets lost, having no choice but to spend the night in the deep dark woods.

And that?s where their nightmare begins. For the duo run into a pile of skulls and bones and a mysterious letter saying that danger lurks there. If that?s not enough, the girl goes alone, with her handycam, following a rare night moth deep into the woods.

And that?s when she runs into a cave where a group of four boys are indulging into an unspeakable crime which includes physically abusing girls after killing them brutally. If that?s not enough, they also peel off the skin of the victim, all the while filming the gruesome deed so as to get rich quick later with the video content.

Jancy?s cries of alarm lead the boys to spot her and thereby begin a chase that leads to the death of her husband. The whole first half involves the chasing scenes and the reason is revealed in the second half. The director has tried to do a different screenplay by confusing the audience when Rahul keeps urging the dead scared Jancy to flee in her car and later on foot, but never lends a helping hand. And the reason is revealed towards the end, for he has turned into a ?.ghost!!

To be fair, the first ten minutes do manage to hold your attention only to turn predictable and gory. The music and background score by Jubin is average. The camerawork by Vinothkumar is commendable with a lot of good shots of the jungle and night scenes.

Verdict: Gory

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