Poomaram review: An honest effort that evokes nostalgia

In an impressive debut as the hero, Kalidas Jayaram looks convincing as the student leader

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 16 March 2018

Movie Title

Poomaram review: An honest effort that evokes nostalgia


Abrid Shine

Star Cast

Kalidas Jayaram, Meera Jasmine

Director Abrid Shine had tracked the happenings inside a police station in his earlier film, Action Hero Biju. In Poomaram, he takes the viewer along, to be part of a University Youth Festival, where two colleges that are traditional rivals fight it out for the year’s Championship.

Gauthaman (Kalidas Jayaram) is the chairman of Maharaja’s College, who are all set toparticipate in the University Youth Festival. Their rivals, the women’s college St.Treesa, are trying hard to retain their trophy.

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Now, if you have ever studied in Kochi, you would have a fair idea about the original colleges mentioned here and the classic stories from the past about their real life rivalry.

The movie brings us closer to those participants, who are practicing hard to win thetrophy for their college. Though the story is happening almost entirely inside some campuses there are no efforts to add those usual ingredients like romance, fight, politics and the likes, which are considered mandatory for all the campus stories in Malayalam.

It is to the credit of the writer-director that a fresh narrative style has been adopted, though some glimpses of ActionHero Biju is seen here and there. At just above 2 hours and 30 minutes the film feels like a tad too long and the story loses the focus for a while during the second half.

But eventhen what binds the film together is its superb music.

In an impressive debut as the hero, Kalidas Jayaram looks convincing as the student leader, who is also a young poet. He performs quite earnestly and in a matured way.

There are quite a number of young actors who have performed in a dedicated manner. Meera Jasmine and Kunchacko Boban appear in cameo roles, as guests for the youth festival.

Poomaram is a genuine attempt that is pretty unconventional. The campus and the youth festival scenes could be nostalgic for all those who have been involved in such activities during their campus days.

For the rest of the world too, this one could very well be an enjoyable ride.

Poomaram review - Verdict: An honest effort that evokes nostalgia

Reactions from Social Media:
Snehasallapam @snehasallapam

A realistic campus movie in backdrops of #YouthFestival
@kalidas700 performed well as a debut
New-faces, Direction, Dialogues, Songs & DOP are the highlights. Lagging & Script will give u mixed feel.
Overall one time watch.

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1
#Poomaram is not the usual campus story that we are used to seeing. An unconventional movie that revolves around a campus and an arts festival.
#AbridShine has made no compromises.
@kalidas700 has made an impressive debut.
Verdict - Not everyone’s cup of tea

Forum Reelz @Forumreelz
A Good Movie By #AbrideShine Presented On The Backdrop Of Youthfestival
Full Credits To #AbrideShine For Presenting A Movie With All Newcomers And Succeeding In It
Superb Songs Is Another Major Higlight
@kalidas700 Impressed On His Debut

Breaking Movies @BreakingViews4u
#Poomaram Not everyones cup of tea, wasnt definitely mine #AbridShine like #ActionHeroBiu tried realistic portrayal but this time with less commercial factors & countless (eventhough Good) songs. All actors did excellent job. Chances of becoming a BO success like AHB r bleak IMO

sadiq ali @sadiqsadz
After the realistic potrayal of police station in #AHB ,this Abrid shine's film potrays the university Youth festival on realistic way(docu-drama) with lot of music(too good)
Newcomer's acting
Less screentime for Kalidas but still he was superb

#Poomaram is an emotional ride. First 20 minutes or so was unbearable,the dialogues forced & fake, but little did I know that the film would end on a high that your emotional chords sing to the tune of this artistic expression from director Abrid Shine #MovieReview @kalidas700

wonderful movie in the backdrop of a kalolsavam
hatsoff to dir #Abridsine for neatly written screenplay with his realistic magic
perfect casting
superb performance by #kalidas & newcomers
songs are the major highlight
overall a feel good movie

Martin N Joseph @mnj993
#Poomaram - Except Joju George, most of the artists are new faces and they done a great job. Music is lovely and definitely makes us nostalgic. Commercial movie lovers and entertainer followers please stay away. Another Abrid Shine magic. Loved it.

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