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Friday 02 December 2011

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Sasikumar, Allari Naresh, Swati, Nivetha

The Sasikumar- Samuthirakani combination is back with Poraali. Their aim seems to be making Sasi a commercial action hero, and it has succeeded to a large extent.

The film has a great first half but the problem lies in the second half when the tone suddenly turns exceedingly manipulative, and the screenplay deviates from the central premise and crams in too much violence and peters down to a forced happy ending after a lot of bloodshed. Despite these hiccups, it is an engaging film because of its witty dialogues and Sasikumar?s performance.

The plot- Ilamkumaran (Sasikumar) and Nallavan (Allari Naresh) escapes from a mental asylum on a rainy night and come to Chennai. They stay with Pulikutty (GanjaKaruppu) in a colony with some interesting people around. They get a job in a petrol pump but soon due to their earnestness and goodness, start a new venture which slowly picks up.

The first half moves at rapid pace with romance and humour running as undercurrent till we reach the interval point when the twist happens. A group of people are in search of the duo and what is their past is told later.

The message Samuthirakani is trying to say that there is an animal lurking in all of us, and it is society which labels a man as 'Mad'. The director himself in the beginning says that he wants to convey the Aristotle teaching- Man is a social animal. And his hero is carved out of the theory that it is circumstances which makes a person a warrior (Poraali)!

Sasikumar plays Kumaran with a subtly simmering charm and he carries the show to the winning post with some sparky dialogues. Allari Naresh is in fine form and he scores in the scenes which demand a lot from him. Swati passes muster but it is new girl Nivetha as Mari and Vasundhara as Tamilchelvi who scores.

One of the major drawbacks of the film is that Sundar C Babu?s music falls flat. Sasikumar films are known for atleast one hummable tune, but sadly even the Koothu song lacks the verve. There are far too many characters which confuses and violence in the second half.

On the whole,Poraali has its heart in the right place, and Sasikumar?s charismatic, alluring appeal lifts this film considerably.

Verdict- Above Average

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