Porinju Mariyam Jose review: An average masala entertainer

Porinju Mariyam Jose review: An average masala entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 24 August 2019

Movie Title

Porinju Mariyam Jose review: An average masala entertainer



Star Cast

Joju George, Chemban Vinod Jose, Nyla Usha

Veteran director Joshiy is back in action four years after the eminently forgettable Laila O Laila, with Porinju Mariyam Jose, the story of three friends from Thrissur. 

The movie begins in the mid 60s, when Porinju, Mariyam and Jose were school kids. After an issue at school, Porinju is thrown out and Jose decides to quit studies as well, obviously in support of his dearest friend. Mariyam is from a wealthy household unlike the boys but that doesn’t prevent her from falling in love with Porinju.

Several years later, Porinju aka Kattalan Porinju (Joju George) is the henchman of Iypettan (Vijayaraghavan), while Puthanpally Jose (Chemban Vinod Jose) is married with a daughter. Alappat Mariyam (Nyla Usha) is still in love with Porinju but their romance remains in their heart.

While he is not with Iypettan, Porinju is a butcher and can take on any number of thugs. The wait for Mariyam to give the nod for their marriage affects him a lot. 

The whole movie is about these three characters and beyond establishing them, the plot remains rather wafer thin. The situations are mostly predictable as well and at times, unconvincing like the way the cops behave even after some murders. But what works for this film is the adept packaging by Joshiy and the terrific performances from the lead cast. The visuals and the music are good.

In one of the finest performances of the year, Joju George transforms himself into the role of Kattalan Porinju and it is a delight to watch him, especially with his superb dialogue delivery. The brilliant Chemban Vinod Jose makes the maximum use of his screen time and shows once again what a talent he is. Nyla Usha is impressive as well and has done her part with confidence.

Also watch out for actors like Sudhy Koppa, T G Ravi and Vijayaraghavan, who are in top form. Porinju Mariyam Jose may be far from perfect but is well packaged and is genuinely engaging. 

Porinju Mariyam Jose review: Average Masala Entertainer

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