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Saturday 16 January 2010

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Bandi Sarojkumar

Star Cast

Kishor, Sathyan, Smitha, Lal, Biju Menon, Ponvannan,

The new trend in Kollywood is to make raw and violent movies in Quentin Tarantino style.

Bandi Sarojkumar?s Porkkalam, is all style but has no content. Sarojkumar has beaten Mani Ratnam by helping himself to the greatest epic of all times ?Ramayana? which is also said to be the inspiration for Mani?s film Raavan!

The entire film has been shot using black and grey colour making it almost surreal and viewing very difficult and slow motion movements that?s in your face. The story is unbelievable and farfetched.

The film opens in a remote village Lanka in Andhra ruled by a local goon Dronam Raju (Sampath), who wants his younger brother to marry Sneha (Kannada actress Smitha). She runs away to Chennai and lands up in the house of Karna (Kishore) a mysterious guy who lives with his driver-cook and ?Man Friday? Sathyam (Satyan).

Karna does everything with precise precision and becomes a hero when he threatens to jump off a tall building if the Home Minister does not arrest the notorious killer and rowdy Mohammad Qadir whose brother Aslam (Lal) is a local don.

Soon Sneha falls in love with Karna but tears her love letter to shreds and sends her packing. She is taken away by Dronam Raju and his men and when Sathyan asks his boss why he did not respond to her love letter, it?s explained that he is blind.

It is the interval twist as Karna explains that even though he is blind he is a sound analyst who is able to detect the movement around him which gives him sharpness and dexterity. At a young age he became a sharp shooter and can also move around by having an extra sensitive ear which can pick up the slightest sound.

Post interval Karna goes to Lanka to save his Seetha from the Raavan, and becomes a one-man fighting machine. The long drawn out climax fight is ridiculous as the well oiled machinery of Dronam Raju and his men armed to the teeth with huge swords and clubs is demolished single handedly by our blind hero!!

Kishore as the cool blind hero is the only silver lining in the film, while Satyan as his constant companion makes you laugh. The bad guys Sampath, Lal and Tinnu Anand in a hideous get up as the mentor of the main villain, all ham and shout at top of their voice. Smitha has nothing much to do and is wasted. Most of the people left the movie half way through complaining about the projection, as the director has technically made the film to look like how it would be through his hero?s eyes!

Verdict- Big Bore!

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