Postmen In the Mountain

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 19/5

Friday 10 August 2001

Movie Title

Postmen In the Mountain


Star Cast

By/ Satyam Bureau

Director: Huo Jianqi

Screenplay: Si Wu

Cinematography: Zhao Lei

Music: Wang Xiaofeng

Production & World Sales: Xiaoxiang Film Studio & Beijing Film Studio

SET against the backdrop of South China, the film Postmen In TheMountain is set in a small village by the mountains and delves into thefather-son relationship in a postman`s family.

A retiring postman is unable to come to terms with the fact that he willno longer deliver mail and accompanies his son on the job. As they traversethe rocky terrain to deliver letters, the father who wants to say a lot tohis son finds no words to convey the same.

The son who is travelling the path for the first time, realises thetrials and tribulations of his father`s life. To the young boy, the endlessroad symbolises his father`s rough life and his mother`s sacrifice. Lifetakes a new meaning for him after this first trip.

The Director: Huo Jianqi (b 1958) studied filmmaking in BeijingFilm Academy and subsequently worked as an art director for a decade at theArt Workshop in Beijing Film Studio. He made his debut in the world ofcelluloid in 1995, with The Winner and followed it up with TheSinger in 1996.

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