Potta Potti

Potta Potti


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 August 2011

Movie Title

Potta Potti



Star Cast

Sadagopan Ramesh, Harni, Umar, Mayilsamy, Sivam

Potta Potti 50-50, written and directed by Yuvaraaj, is a charming little treat set in a small village of Tamilnadu. The film is held together by a sharp screenplay that throws up some pleasant surprises, and is light and enjoyable for the most part. It has its thrills in the right place and all the characters are warm and human.

The film works because it is intelligent and uncompromising. It's packed with delicious little scenes, one liners and moments that will have you chuckling pretty much the moment you settle into your seat.

The film is set in a small village where two guys Kodaivaanan (Sivam)and Kolaivaanan(Umar) who are at loggerheads, want to marry the beautiful Renjitham (Harini) daughter of their uncle. At the local panchayat, it is decided that whoever wins a cricket match will take the girl home.

So the Kodaivaanan team brings in a coach (Mayilsamy) who is a fake, to train them, while the rival team kidnaps Ramesh (Sadagopan Ramesh) to teach them the nuances of the game. But our heroine loses her heart to Ramesh and what follows is the cricket match climax.

The film is heavily inspired from the cult classic Lagaan but beautifully made to the sensibilities of Tamil audiences. Writer-director Yuvaraaj has a keen eye for the real, which is apparent in his subtle characterisation of the simpleton locals. The highs and lows of the villagers and the emotions attached to the game are told in a humour manner.

On the down side, the music is very average and the milieu is unconvincing as today where do such villages and people exist, who does not know anything about cricket? Sadagopan Ramesh who plays himself is convincing and lucky that the director does not make him do action or shake a leg. Umar and Avataar Ganesh as his sidekick are memorable characters.

Give it a try, you'll come out smiling.

Verdict: Above Average

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