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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 14 January 2008

Movie Title



Aditya Raj

Star Cast

Sumanth, Kajal, Nazar, Kota, Suman, Subba Raju, Brahmanandam

Sumanth, who proved his mettle for the first time onscreen with Satyam couldn't repeat the magic this time. As an action hero, he succeeds to a certain extend, but the film is bogged down by the beaten to death plot line of a son taking avenge on the killers of his father.

Ajay (Sumanth) is the son of Pandu (Suman), henchman of a dreaded goon Jakir Bhai (Nazar), who's rival is Kasi (Kota Srinvasa Rao), another gangster. Ajay is an IAS topper and when he is about to attend the interview, he sees his dad being hounded and attacked by Kasi's men. He rescues his father, but both of them have to land up in police station for creating nuisance in the public; as the police don't know what really happened. Soon, Ajay finds that his father is working for a mafia-man. Interestingly, Pandu doesn't know about the business of his own boss. By the time, he wants to trace back his steps; he is killed ruthlessly by the rival gang. Worst of all, Ajay also finds that Jakir and Kasi are hand-in-glove with each other. The rest of the movie is all about how our hero takes revenge for his dad's killing.

Sumanth has performed well and he also looks handsome as an angry young man. The script gives him enough scope to be energetic and he uses it to the fullest. Another good feature is that for the first time, he has done some excellent steps and improved as a dancer. Kajal, the heroine of the film has given a neat performance. She looks beautiful and glamorous in the song sequences, though she has nothing much to do.

Nazar steals the limelight by playing the cold-blooded villain of the piece, juxtaposed by his rival role played by Kota Srinivasa Rao, which to some extent is dull and routine. Suman's role is similar to that of his own role in `Gangotri`, which succumbs to the villainy of his own master. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam played the dad to the heroine. Ali played a similar role which he donned in `Chirutha`. With the same feminine touch, he appears as dance master. Brahmanandam's comedy lacks punch.

The story is pale from start to finish and there is a great deal of expectation among the audiences. To that extent, the subject: A brilliant student, with failed circumstances and turning into revenge-seeker is told retold umpteen numbers of times. The efforts of putting Sumanth on the action front do rake up no impact. Screenplay is good and is a saving grace. Coming to direction, it is well-taken. To cut the ice, story alone is the villain at the box office.

Director Raaj Aditya has technical finesse but is handicapped by weak script. Music by Manisharma is good, so is Sudhakar's camera work. The film has rich look.

Verdict: Average

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