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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 17 April 2010

Movie Title



Deva Katta

Star Cast

Sharwanand, Sandeep, Sai Kumar, Ruby Parihar, Jeeva, Jayaprakash Reddy

After a long gap, director Deva Katta is back. As his previous flick Vennela treaded the path of romance, this time, Prasthanam has ample doses of philosophy and politics, making the movie slow, but interesting.

Lokanath (Saikumar) is an active politician and is considered the backbone of a political party. The story goes thus; the party president dies, and the burden of uplifting the party lies on Lokanath, who in turn marries the leader?s spouse and takes care of the family, including her son Mitra (Sharwanand).

Mitra (Sharwanand), who grows up, soon becomes a leader in his own right following the footsteps of his step father. Now, Lokanath?s own son China (Sandeep) wants to don the mantle of the party?s president. He opposes all the in the family and tries to dominate the party affairs. How, the young greedy politician is taught the right lesson? It forms the crux of the story.

Sharwanand comes out with revitalizing performance in the second half. Though his dialogue delivery sounds weak in some patches, he produced a worthy output.

Sandeep is the personification of political greed. Though, this being his debut, he brought up a remarkable performance, doing scene after scene with brimming confidence. is a revelation.

Sai Kumar, who is given to somber roles these days, handled his characterization as a politician with values. Though his role is cut short, he resounded the theatres with his powerful dialogues.

Jeeva is villain of the piece was adequate as a greedy contractor Basireddy. Jayaprakash Reddy brings out ample doses of comedy. Kishore (who dominated in the film Vennela) failed to enliven the mood. Reshma is glamorous, but she missed the opportunity to have either a meaningful role or considerably a long footage. Surekha Vani is adequate with impressive looks and performance. Several other artistes drawn from the TV serials did justice to their respective roles.

Prasthanam has near similarity to Sekhar Kammula?s Leader, though both the films were shot more or less simultaneously.

Story of Prasthanam is more practical than idyllic. It reflects the varied human emotions and the various acts of spontaneity in the direction of achieving power. The screenplay is good, but rather slow. Highlight of the film is intense dialogues laced with allegory and sarcasm. Music is terrific at times, while the background score too is neat. The cinematography is mind-blowing and the film would score full marks in the technical aspects like editing, art work and costumes. A couple of songs in the second half come as speed breakers. We have to wait and see, whether this film with a complete tilt towards politics and philosophy could cater to the general audiences.

Verdict: Worth a look

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