Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 19 July 2015

Movie Title



Raju Halaguru

Star Cast

Rakesh Adiga, Sonia, Lakshmi Chandra, Shekar

Love, love and love only is the mantra of Preethiinda; but whose and what love it is... Let’s unleash! A couple of songs, ocean of sentimental songs and dialogues, insecurities of parents, two love birds waiting to be set free and more! Well, this is the summary of Rakesh Adiga and Soniya starrer Preethiinda.

Rakesh Adiga is a middle-class boy, who is in a confused state of mind about love, life and career. On a bright Sunny day, he comes across Sonia, a damsel in distress, and helps her! Friendship blossoms between them and ultimately he ends up proposing her.
Sonia shoots questions to him about how ‘capable’ he is in love and Rakesh delivers extremely sober dialogues, which convinces Sonia but fails at the audience-level! Sonia later confesses that she too is in love with him and that was a test to test his love! Sigh! (From audience)!
Apart from this there are a few emotional (?!) scenes of mother-son sentiment, father-son sentiment and more! But the makers have failed to understand that the essence of cinema should be felt as a package and not in a scene here and there!

Performance wise, Rakesh and Sonia have done well. They excel in romantic scenes; but they still need to be trained to act at emotional sequences. Supporting roles from Lakshmi Chandra, Shekar, Avinash, Girija Lokesh must be lauded; they have given their usual best performances.
Director Raju Halagur’s effort to narrate a half-an-hour story for three hours is actually a waste of time. Rajesh Ramanathan’s music too fails to impress the audience. Quality of shots is too ordinary, which could have been better; again cameraman-director co-ordination matters here!

Overall, it is a below average movie and can be skipped!

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