Preethsee Preethse

Preethsee Preethse



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 29 June 2009

Movie Title

Preethsee Preethse



Star Cast

Yogish, Pragna, Udayatara, Jai Jagdeesh, Sangeetha, Ramesh Bhat, Rangayana Raghu

Director Madesh who had made last year's hit Gaja, has made a lackadaisical film, not keeping the image of Yogish ( Ambari fame) in mind.

Picked from slum by the rich parents, Akash (Yogish) is timorous in his nature when it comes to expressing love as he grows. He is quite OK with other areas of activities like studies, routine work etc. Only when he wants to express his love to Aishwarya (Udayatara) he goes in for imagination.

The audience would come to know that maximum of his interaction with Aishwarya is his imagination and soon he goes mad watching the engagement of Aishwarya. He pierces a glass piece inside his stomach to end his life. In the hospital the doctor ascertain the actual problem of Akash.

Aishwarya is extremely shocked but the elders sympathize. At this point of time the straightforward Bipasha who is very close to Akash makes way clear and walks out. It is now time for Aishwarya to realize. In the post interval when Aishwarya shows affection Akash wants to remain aloof. As the reels are coming to end, we find Aishwarya openly disclosing in front of everyone that she loves Akash.

Yogish dialogue delivery is a drawback. He has to improve his looks too via a good make up man. Pragna in her short presence steals the show. Udayatara in her debut Kannada film is quite OK. Ramesh Bhat and Jai Jagdish as caring parents give a precise performance.

The title track and Loose Madha?. songs are good ones from music director Anoop Seelin ? cameraman Veenus Murthy is average in his camera work.

Verdict ? Below Average

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