Prema Katha Chitram

Prema Katha Chitram

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 07 June 2013

Movie Title

Prema Katha Chitram


J Prabhakara Reddy

Star Cast

Sudheer Babu, Nandita Story, screenplay, dialogues: Maruthi

Sudheer (Sudheer Babu), Nanditha (Nanditha) and Praveen (Praveen) are three youngsters who come to a remote guest house to commit suicide.

On their way to this guest house, they are joined by Giri (Giri), who is also planning to commit suicide.

Sudheer wants to end his life because his girlfriend cheated on him. Nanditha loves Sudheer Babu secretly but has no plans of ending her life. It was on the advice of Sudheer`s friend Praveen that she comes along with them to impress Sudheer and change his mind. Praveen tries to prolong Sudheer`s attempt at suicide so that Nanditha has enough time to fall in love and change his friend`s mind. As things go along, comes in a twist.

Director Maruthi made two youthful entertainers - Ee Rojullo and Bus Stop, both were hits. This time he has provided script for Prema Katha Chitram and handed over the directorial reins to his cinematographer Prabhakara Reddy.

Unlike Maruthi`s two earlier `youthful` stories, this one is a spooky thriller laced with comedy. Though the movie starts off on a wrong note and provides boredom in the initial 20 minutes, it picks up from there and provides hilarious moments.

Especially the thrilling elements and comedy in the second half is total paisa vasool.

It is tough to analyze the film without revealing the plot points. Writer Maruthi and director Prabhakar Reddy have succeeded in mixing comedy sequences with horror elements. Giri and Praveen with their performances provide good laughs. The film has a good, racy, entertaining second half. It doesn`t provide anything novel, but the screenplay in the second half has worked out to their benefit.

On the downside, the film`s climax is routine. Also, the initial scenes are not handled properly.

Although there are couple of trademark Maruthi `double-meaning dialogues`, he has largely refrained from it and it is a very decent romantic thriller. One can laugh heartily.

Nanditha steals the show. With her big, expressive eyes, she fits the role like a glove. She looks docile and simple in the first half and post interval she shows off her mettle.

For hero Sudheer Babu, Mahesh Babu`s brother-in-law, this is his second film. He has changed his look in this film and his acting skills have also improved, compared to his first film. He played the character of a dejected lover in the first half and a guy confused of what`s happening around him in the second half well.

In other two important roles, both Praveen and Giri bring the house down. Praveen is apt, while Giri with comedy act makes the scenes even funnier. For him, this is best role. Other than these four, the film doesn`t focus on other characters much as the movie is set in a house mostly.

Dialogues by Maruthi are in a colloquial fashion and are very contemporary. Of course, there are his trademark dialogues too. It is his narration that is interesting. Cinematography is neat. Director Prabhakara Reddy`s work is also good.

Prema Katha Chitram hits right notes. The writer has mixed horror and comedy perfectly. It is a simple story and is told interestingly and entertainingly. In one sentence, it is a hilarious spooky thriller.

Rating: 3.25/5

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