Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 03 April 2010

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Star Cast

Chetan Chandra, Amoolya, Sunil Raoh, Ananth Nag, Varun

The much awaited movie of the year Premism is out, but does not live up to its expectations with director Ratnaja trying too many experiments in a single plot.

It neither has the freshness of his debut film Nenapirali nor does it have a musical experience of his second film Honganasu.

Chetan Chandra and Varun are the two male protagonists studying in college and quarrelling at the drop of a hat. Though their parents are closed friends, the two youths cannot stand each other. Petite Amoolya enters the neighbourhood. Both the heroes fall for Amoolya and start a race to outdo each other for her love.

But Amoolya does not yield to either of them as she has a history. The second half forms the flashback of the film in which Sunil Raoh makes an entry. The director has intertwined two different stories into one, but the forging is not successful. The first half of the film is fast-paced, entertaining and fun to watch. But the second half is slow, dull and dragging, a contrast to the first half.

A major drawback of the film is that the post-intermission session is completely flashback. At times, the audience tends to forget the first half of Premism. The second half is more like an independent film with a hairline connection to the first half. It is all the more disappointing when this connection is revealed in the climax.

Performance wise, Chetan Chandra with his six packs and biceps impresses. His dialogue delivery and dance stand out. New comer Varun?s performance is decent. Amoolya has done a neat job. But her character, at times, appears boring with lengthy dialogue. Ananth Nag and Avinash are good to watch. Sunil Raoh appears on the big screen after a long time but his role is listless most of the time.

A positive aspect of Premism is the way it is made. Emotional scenes have been well captured by the director. At times, the movie appears cute with the young star cast. The movie would have made a strong impact had the pace of narration been the same from the start till the end. Hamsalekha?s music complements the story.

Verdict: Average

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