Preview of Pongal 2015 releases

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Last Updated: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015, 19:55:31hrs
Preview of Pongal 2015 releases
Pongal is always special for Kollywood and the trade is gearing up for the first big release season of the year. Unlike in 90's and early 2000, the 2015 Pongal will see only three releases and that too in different genres. Distributors are confident of reaping some good harvest during this season. Let’s analyze the three films with respect to the pre-release buzz …

Shankar and Vikram’s ‘I’

The most anticipated film of 2015 pongal is I and there is a lot of money involved in this project. The technicians and artists who worked in the film are having great reputation across the country and hence the anticipation is huge.

•Hype & Hoopla: The trailer, teaser and songs were well received among the audience. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the expectations for ‘I’ is almost equal to Kollywood’s biggest grosser ‘Endhiran’, right from the time Arnold came for the audio launch. 

•Brand Shankar: Shankar is a huge brand and he is has  70% success rate in his 23 years of film career.  He normally caters to a vast audiences and is able to get the masses as well as class audiences. Family audiences usually don’t miss Shankar’s films which has always entertainment extravaganza. 

•Big names:  The film is having some really big names including Vikram, PC Sreeram and AR Rahman which are sure to bring audience to the theaters.

•Large number of screens: ‘I’ is releasing in nearly 2500 screens across the globe so the opening will be massive

•U/A certificate: The biggest threat for ‘I’ is definitely the U/A certificate. Because of the parental guidance certificate, the film is not eligible for tax exemption and hence the film has to gross nearly 100 crores in Tamil Nadu to attain the break-even status which is a difficult task.

•Running time: The running time of ‘I’ is nearly 188 minutes which is really huge for a Tamil film in 2015. Though almost all Shankar films are made at a running time of 3 hrs, it is still a big threat for sure.How will the modern audiences take it ? Will it be cut after release like Anjaan and Lingaa?

•Vikram is an actor who does not assure a big opening.
Vishal & Sundar C's Aambala

Vishal’s Aambala is another Pongal release, a mass masala action entertainer.

•Sundar C and his track record: Sundar C is having a solid track record of having a good market in B and C center audience, his last release Aranmanai got mixed reviews but the film turned out to be a super hit across TN.

•Huge star cast: Aambala is having a huge star cast which includes Vishal, Hansika, Prabhu, Vaibhav, Santhanam, Ramya Krishnan, Sathish and it will definitely bring audience to theaters.

•Competition: The film is competing with Shankar’s ‘I’ which is the first preference for audience, so getting good opening might be little difficult.

•Mixed response for trailer: In  You Tube, the trailer of Aambala got mixed response due to some over the top action sequences and commercial cliches . Today, young audiences don’t want to see mindless commercial entertainers and let’s hope Aambala is not the one.

GV Prakash's debut film- Darling

GV Prakash’s Darling is having all the qualities of becoming a dark horse for this pongal. Made at a small budget, Darling is a remake of highly successful Telugu film ‘Prema katha Chithiram’.

•Horror genre: In 2014, people have shown great interest in watching comedy-horror movies so if team Darling is able to give some good laughter and entertainment, they can make it big at the box office.

•Less investment: Considering the other two pongal releases, the budget involved in Darling is too less that a good word of mouth and decent crowd will get their investment back. If the word of mouth is extra-ordinary, the team is likely to reap some good profit.

•Heavy competition: Competition seems to be the real threat for Darling so the opening can’t be big and the film purely depends on good word of mouth.

•Less screens:  Darling is likely to release in 125 screens which is comparatively lesser than the other two films , also big multiplexes won’t allot more shows for the first weekend which is crucial for any film.

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