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Saturday 24 April 2010

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Jacob Verghese

Star Cast

Puneet Rajkumar, Parvathi Menon, Avinash, Sadhu Kokila, C R Simha

For all the die-hard fans of Puneet, who have seen their favourite star in the role of an angry young man or college hero, Prithvi offers a different image for the Powerstar of Kannada films.

The movie is based on a contemporary issue that makes the headlines almost every day in Karnataka press ? illegal mining by Bellary mine lords. The plot was kept secret till the last day and the movie is bound to make an impact on the politicians.

Puneet, as a young and honest IAS officer, is posted as deputy commissioner to a district where illegal mining is rampant. He takes his wife (Parvathi Menon) along. The movie is about how the dare devil officer takes on the entire corrupt set up, including his juniors, to restore sanity.

The movie plot might appear simple, but the narration is superb. Though it is difficult to visualize a young Puneet in the role of a deputy commissioner initially, the character grows gradually with Puneet giving his best.

It is Puneet all the way and it is a complete makeover for the actor, who was seen in different roles in his previous hit films. The dialogue delivery is powerful and laced with punches in Prithvi. The jabs at politicians are on the spot. The movie has traces of his thespian father who excelled in the roles of rebelling against the corrupt system.

It is in the action sequences that Puneet has brought out his best. The climax in particular stands out. Puneet, known for performing stunts without using dupes, excels in fights. There is very less scope for Parvathi as the loving wife of the deputy commissioner. However, the director has casted Parvathi following her previous successful film Milana with Puneet.

Though comedian Sadhu Kokila is seen for a short time on the screen, he makes his presence felt. Avinash has lent adequate support. The movie has been shot extensively in mining locations. Mining dust makes its presence throughout the film.A highlight of the film is music by Manikanth Kadri. The upcoming music director has done justice to Puneet?s personality. Normally, Puneet?s movie songs are a hit. The track sung by Shruthi Haassan is fantastic. Prithvi is a must watch for Puneet?s fans.

Verdict: Entertaining

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