Priyamana Thozhi

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 12 July 2003

Movie Title

Priyamana Thozhi



Star Cast

Madhavan, Jyothika, Sridevi

By Moviebuzz

AVM ? Vikraman combination will conjure visions of a great family entertainer but Priyamana Thozhi is highly melodramatic and over-the-top movie with no logic. It is a candyfloss sob story of friendship between a boy and girl, which degenerates into mush and melodrama.

Vikraman has made a mess as he has ventured into an unknown territory of exploring friendship between two childhood friends, which he should have left the Karan Johar?s to examine. Added to this there is hardly any originality as every scene, dialogues, background score, jokes, climax and even music are all rehashed from various films including Vikraman?s earlier works.

If you are still dying to know about this friendship tale, please leave your brains behind as the story goes like this- Ashok (Madhavan) is a happy-go-lucky guy, who is an aspiring cricketer dreaming of playing for India! His best friend from childhood Julie (Sridevi), is his biggest supporter. Ashok and Julie share a very special bond and they share all secrets under the sun. But nobody at Ashok?s palatial house thinks much of him including his elder brother (Livingston) and family. Ashok starts a small video shop with his friends (Ramesh Kanna and Kumaresan) with the financial help of Julie. Soon Julie?s father dies and Ashok brings her to his house, which his family does not approve initially, but Julie wins them all over. They ask Ashok to marry Julie but both of them claim that they are best friends and not lovers!

Now Ashok meets a rich girl Nandhini (Jyothika) and it is love at first sight. They get married and now three of them live under the same roof! Meanwhile Ashok?s bat speaks for itself in Ranji Trophy matches where he scores century after century for Tamilnadu and is on the verge of being selected for the Indian team!! But his archrival and Julie?s lover Michael (Vineeth) comes into reckoning as his father makes a demand that Ashok should back out of the Indian team and give his place to his son (BCCI selectors, are you listening?). For the sake of Julie, our master-blaster (Krish Srikanth appears for 30 seconds as the coach) not only agrees but also packs his kit and leaves for Mumbai! In an utterly hackneyed and clumsy climax at the railway station the lead pair go through predictable motions as misunderstandings are sorted out and Ashok plays for the country and hits the wining six!!!!

Vikraman has stretched a story beyond credibility as he employs all the cinematic clich?s seen in 60?s and 70?s tearjerkers and has subjected his audience to as much torture as possible. Of course Madhavan has flashes of brilliance- but is terribly let down by the script. Jyothika?s role has not been etched out as she looks helpless most of the time and is there for three songs shot in exotic foreign locales. If there is something nice about Priyamana Thozhi, it is Sridevi as Julie who looks like a dream, with her controlled and understated performance and steals the show.

Verict: Tedious

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