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Friday 22 July 2005

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If you like candyfloss romance and its bitter-sweet nature, love and family relationships, mush and melodrama, then walk straight into Priyasakhi. This vanilla coated love story is about what happens in the life of the lead characters, Madhavan and Sada after romance and marriage?

What works in favour of Priyasakhi is the palpable and terrific on-screen chemistry between the lead pair. If originality is not your top priority this predictable story by director K.S.Adhiyaman reminds you of Mani Ratnam?s Alaipayuthe, Aziz Mirza?s Chalte Chalte and an old Mohanlal classic Dasaratham.

Priyasakhi is built on simple bits of screen writing and director Adhiyaman?s perception on how a woman should be after marriage, a story beaten to death from the 60?s tearjerkers. Still the performance and the love banter between Madhavan and Sada touches your heart. He has also painted an intimate portrait of love and family relationships and the values of joint family and at the same time examines the life and style of the so-called modern society women and their family life.

Santhana Krishnan (Madhavan) alias Sakhi is a manager in an automobile company with a happy family consisting of grandmother, mother, elder brother and his family, and younger sister. In one of his trips abroad he chances to meet a model Priya (Sada) in Dubai. It is love at first sight for Sakhi who woos Priya and proposes to her. Priya also falls hook-line-sinker for Sakhi and soon they get married.

Priya?s family is just the opposite of Sakhi?s- A henpecked father (Pratap Pothen) and mother (Aishwarya), a society lady who boozes, flirts and goes to discos. Priya finds it difficult to adjust with Sakhi?s family, their culture and traditions that is alien to her. Misunderstanding and unhappiness sets in and they decide to separate. What happens then?

The first half of the film including the casual mobile phone flirtations, romantic scenes of how Sakhi tries to woo Priya, their marriage, first night including love making scenes after a discord are handled with sensitivity by Adhiyaman. Bharadwaj?s music is melodious especially the "O Priyasakhi?? and "Muthal Muthal.. Paarthen?? that are picturised superbly as the camera of ?Sethu? Sriram etches out the deserts and landmarks of Dubai and Ooty green beautifully.

Madhavan and Sada are the life and soul of Priyasakhi and they have given their best. Madhavan looks cool with his Tom Cruise hairstyle and his performance is top class. Sada steals the thunder in the climax with her sensitive portrayal. And Aishwarya as Priya?s loud and garrulous mother who loves partying is a revelation. Kovai Sarala in a cameo role is irritable.

On the whole, Priyasakhi is definitely worth a look.

Verdict: Minty Cool

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