Psycho review: Not an easy watch!

Psycho review: Not an easy watch!

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Movie Title

Psycho review: Not an easy watch!



Star Cast

Udhay, Nithya Menen, Aditi Rao Hydari

First things first! Myskkin's Psycho is not an easy watch. The writer-director is in good form, but ultimately the film doesn’t bring anything blazingly new or original to the serial killer genre. Nevertheless, his exploration into the mind of a killer is not convincing and the climax is weak.

It is a supposed to be a metaphorical thriller with several hidden layers. While lot of psycho thrillers explore the dark layers of psychopaths and project them as criminals, #Mysskin has tried to humanize them. The filmmaker used Angulimala, Ramayana and biblical themes to narrate his story and tries to earn our sympathy, both for the psycho and his victims. If his Pissasu humanized ghosts, psychos get humanized here.

Gautham (Udhayanidhi) is a visually challenged musician who falls in love with a radio jockey Thagini(Aditi Rao Hydari) but she passes him off as other roadside Romeo who doesn't have a better job than stalking young girls. Thagini gets annoyed by Gautham's continuous stalking and she even insults him at a wedding party only to realize that he is helpless and visually impaired. The incident paves way for a possible meeting with Gautham, if he cracks a hint provided by Thagini in her radio show.

Meanwhile, a serial psycho killer who is on a killing spree spreads fear among public and the police department. The killer is introduced to us, as he brutally kills his victims and displays their headless body with undergarments in some lonely area. So now, Thagini who is waiting to meet Gautham in a lonely railway platform is abducted by the killer in front of our blind hero.

Thagini who is smiling on the chopping table, challenges the psycho Angulimala that Gautham will come and either kill him or rescue her. The killer accepts the challenge. The rest of the film is all whether the cops and Gautham find Thagini?

Psycho is brutal and gory, so it's definitely not for faint-hearted. As mentioned earlier, there are several hidden layers. Just like how Ravanan lure Sita with deer, here the killer uses dog. Just like how Ram gets the ring, Gautham gets Thagini's ring. Gautham and Angulimala, the names clearly tell us that the basic theme is from Buddhism. The concept of sin and redemption in the Bible has also been handled by Mysskin.

If you expect logic, then Psycho is not your cup of tea.

Performance-wise, Udhay  plays his part convincingly. Aditi looks angelic while Nithya Menen as the foul mouthed IPS Kamala, proves once again that she is an acting monster. Ram delivers a subtle performance while Singampuli and Renuka are good.

On the downside, the emotional quotient including the chemistry between Gautham and Thagini is weak.  The police force has been shown as fools who are fit for nothing but a visually challenged and quadriplegic woman (Nithya Menen) can narrow down the criminal easily.

Technically, Tanveer's cinematography is top notch, Ilaiyaraaja once again proves that he is the King when it comes to background score. Overall, the first half is fairly engaging and thrilling. But the second half turns too predictable, convoluted, silly and illogical. 

Psycho review:  Not an easy watch

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