Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 06 January 2010

Movie Title



Rajesh Lingam

Star Cast

Amjad, Sivam, Harish, Priya, Yamini

There was a lot of hope riding on Pugaipadam directed by debutant Rajesh Lingam a former associate of Selvaraghavan. But he has not been able to fulfil his full potential mainly due to some loopholes in the script and the pace of the film.

Still the first half of the film is laced with comedy and camaraderie and looked like a fun campus caper. The film focuses on the lives of seven friends who meet each other for the first time in an Engineering college.

The story starts with a group of fresher?s joining an Engineering college in the misty mountains of Kodaikanal. The merry group of seven boys and girls- Krishna, Guru, Bala, Nanda, Krithika , Shiny and Gowri mingle well, and it?s fun as they have a blast.

However trouble starts as Krishna falls in love with Shiny, the daughter of the head of department. They keep it as a secret from the rest of the gang, as for a brief period the gang splits due to certain misunderstandings.

After an emotional patch up between the friends, they are back to being good friends. However suddenly love develops between the friends and injects poison into their relationship and breaks the bond between them. This leads to the twist in the long drawn out climax, as tragedy strikes.

Director Rajesh Lingam tries to recreate the magic of college days in the early part of the film which works to a certain extent. The film?s basic theme revolves around friendship, and the message that the maker wants to say is studies and career is more important than falling in love with your friend. The idea is that a friend should remain a friend forever and not become lovers!

The lead actors all first timers Amjad, Sivam, Harish, Priya, Yamini and others are adequate for the roles. Gangai Amaran who is making a comeback of sorts is impressive, though songs slow down the narration. Let us hope Rajesh Lingam finds a more racy script in his next outing.

Verdict- Average

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