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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 18 April 2010

Movie Title



Anil K Nair

Star Cast

Kalabhavan Mani, Meera Nandan

No point in mincing words, debutant director Anil K Nair's Pulliman is a damp squib. With no worthy script, the movie is a painful misadventure from the word 'go' and turns out to be a serious insult on the viewers who pay for their tickets. The storyline, if there is one, is simply na?ve, trite and ridiculous.

Kunjunni (Kalabhavan Mani) is an orphan and is the darling of a village called Perumannoor. He sings lullabies for kids, does all kinds of jobs and is unbelievably nice even to the menacing villain, Kalan Vasu (Ponvannan). Now, though Vasu beats up certain other shady looking men in style, no one is quite clear about the reasons for all these.

With songs after songs in various colours and get ups, Kunjunni's goodie-goodie dialogues (he is the epitome of all virtues) and some nauseating comedy by a few characters (played by Kochupreman, Sudheesh, Geedha Salam, Mukundan and so on), the story meanders aimlessly all along. Soon the heroine, Radha (Meera Nandan), makes her entry. She belongs to a nadodi gang, who has come to the village to sell statuettes of Lord Krishna.

Next, Vasu beats up Kunjunni and tries to rape Radha, but changes his mind midway. Now, believe it or faint, he is at the forefront to get Kunjunni married to Radha. As we heave a sigh of relief that this insipid drama is over, here comes another twist in the tale. Kunjunni actually belongs to a rich family and he had left home some twenty years back, as his mother (Saranya) was a bit too strict.

Pulliman shows why Kalabhavan Mani has lost his ground as a hero, of late. Meera Nandan gives a rather wooden performance and makes no impression whatsoever. Nedumudi Venu looks nice as a villager, but then he can't do much in a film like this.

It is surprising why no one involved in the making of this film ever thought about the inanity of this theme. The multi-colored visuals and the excessive number of songs actually add to your woes. The flaws in the story are too many even to point out, like the speech on the impact of reality shows on young kids but then, did we have such shows on TV twenty years back? But such silly goofs mean nothing in particular here and this film, if it qualifies as one, is plain rubbish.

The industry bigwigs has recently decided to put a curb on other language films ?to save Malayalam films? but do they expect the viewers to come to the theatres to watch craps like Pulliman? Is anyone listening?

Verdict: Avoid

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