Puppy review: Timepass entertainer!

Puppy review: Timepass entertainer!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 14 October 2019

Movie Title

Puppy review: Timepass entertainer!


Nattu Dev

Star Cast

Varun, Samyuktha Hegde, Yogi Babu

The trailer and other promotional materials of Puppy  had made it clear that the film is an adult comedy with a dog also being a part of the cocktail mix. 

The team also conveyed the message across that their film would be suitable for family viewing as well, and has not gone overboard with adult content. Along the expected lines, Puppy turns out as a largely enjoyable film at a runtime of just 1 hour 48 minutes. Lead actors Varun, Yogi Babu and Samyuktha Hegde get equal importance in the proceedings. The Labrador dog ‘Puppy’ plays an important role in the story at key junctures. The climax emotions are largely centered on this pregnant dog, and dog lovers ought to feel moved. 

Director Nattu Dev, popularly known as ‘Murattu Single’, gets his packaging right. Along with his editor Richie, he has also fixed the right runtime for the film. Anything more would have felt tiring! Nattu is also seen in an enjoyable cameo as a college student. We realize that the tag ‘Murattu Single’ suits him well, as we see these scenes. 

The plot of the film is basically the love between a curious, hormonally charged engineering student and his neighbour. The complications that arise in their relationship and how the hero’s dog and his friend play their little parts in smoothing out this relationship is the crux of the tale. The treatment is largely fun with just some minor doses of melodrama.

Varun comes across as an earnest and energetic performer. He is promising and is sure to get better with more outings. Samyuktha’s career as a lead heroine in Tamil might get a good boost with Puppy. She is pretty and emotes decently. The way romance blooms between them, as they go about binging on Chennai's popular street food, is innovative. 

Yogi Babu is a major highlight. His wisecracks are on the mark here, and the football angle in his character gets good prominence in the second half. Dharan Kumar’s music is another big plus. This unassuming but highly talented composer deserves a hit and Puppy might just do the trick for him. 

Puppy review: Timepass entertainer!

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