Putham Pudhu Kaalai review: A very average anthology

Putham Pudhu Kaalai

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Critic's Rating: 3/5/5

Friday 16 October 2020

Movie Title

Putham Pudhu Kaalai review: A very average anthology


Rajiv Menon, Gautham Menon, Suhasini, Sudha, and Karthik Subbaraj

Star Cast

Jayaram, Urvashi, Kalyani, Kalidas, MS Baskar, Ritu Varma, Suhasini, Anu Haasan, Shruti Haasan, Andrea, Sikkhil Gurucharan, Leela Samson, Bobby Simha and Muthu Kumar.

Anthologies are not new to Tamil cinema but due to the lockdown and pandemic, OTT platforms are signing multiple filmmakers and asking them to collaborate for one theme-based anthology. Putham Pudhu Kaalai is one such release of this season, the core theme is how people from different walks of life get ready for the new beginnings during the twenty-one days lockdown.

Putham Pudhu Kaalai is a very average anthology. The main issue is that, having been made by eminent filmmakers, this one is not up to the mark.

Ilamai Idho Idho directed by Sudha Kongara talks about how two single, aged parents feel the young version of themselves during the lockdown. Featuring Jayaram, Urvashi, Kalidas, and Kalyani, this episode is neither great nor bad. Sudha has moved out of her comfort zone to deliver a breezy romantic comedy but the film doesn't create any impact. We wish to know more about Jayaram and Urvashi but the details are very basic and hence, the excitement factor goes for a toss. Though Kalidas and Kalyani look charming, their presence is limited and doesn't add any value to the theme other than providing a young, cool feel to the film.

Avalum Naanum/Avarum Naanum directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon talks about the bond between a  grandpa (MS Baskar) who is a scientist and his granddaughter (Ritu Varma) who had only met him once in a year for her birthday. Due to the lockdown, Ritu comes to Baskar's place to take care of him. The film has all the cute moments, Baskar and Ritu has done a good job but the main conflict fails to touch you. The reason Baskar cites for the ego tussle in the family is trivial and as it was explained over a conversation, we are unable to connect with the issue.  

Reunion by Rajiv Menon is easily the best in the anthology. The film talks about the reunion of two high school friends who parted ways in life. The boy (Sikkhil Gurucharan) is now a reputed doctor and the girl (Andrea) is still struggling to come up in her field (music). Sikkhil Gurucharan is fantastic and his performance is effortless. As usual, Andrea adds elegance to Sadhana and she is apt as the struggling drug addict musician. Rajiv's taste for music, drama, and emotional bonding is very much evident and he has delivered a classy short film in his career.

Coffee Anyone? directed by Suhasini talks about the bonding among two sisters(Anu and Suhasini) who come together to look after their ailing mother. The third one (Shruti Haasan) has her own ego issues with the family and living her life on her own terms in Mumbai. Anu Haasan is brilliant in the film, and along with Hasini brings the lively quotient to the story. There were some good moments but too much of melodrama spoils the show in the end.  

Miracle by Karthik Subbaraj is a below-par episode of this anthology.  There is nothing new that the film offers and the subject is too cliched and predictable. The film makes us laugh in certain places but mostly moves at a leisure pace and the actors (Bobby Simha, Muthukumar) don't contribute much.

Verdict: Decent entertainer


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