Puthan Panam review- A tedious watch

After a good start, this one goes awry. Sad!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 13 April 2017

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Puthan Panam review- A tedious watch



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Mammootty, Ineya

Ranjith’s Indian Rupee was an intelligent mind game that mixed thrills and emotions. Puthan Panam has been tagged as the ‘New Indian Rupee’ and is set in the backdrop of the demonetization drive initiated by the Union government last year that left the whole nation in a state of shock.

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The story begins with a Tamil woman coming to Kochi with her son, after her husband is killed by some goons. In fact, there are quite a few parallel stories that follow, culminating in a hastily done climax.

One of those storyline introduces the hero, Nityananda Shenoy (Mammootty), a fiery gangster hailing from Kasaragode speaking in the local accent. His erstwhile business partner, an ex-minister, had handed over Rs. 25 crore in cash an hour before the “surgical strike” was announced by the Prime Minister.

Shenoy and his men heads to Kochi to deal with the issue. In all fairness, there is an interesting premise here at least until then. But things go horribly wrong from then on.

There is no worthy plot to talk about in the second half and you sit surprised the way things go from bad to worse as the script meanders along without any particular direction. The song and dance exercise that pops out of nowhere adds to the woes.

With a half-baked script, Ranjith loses grip over the film pretty early. The Kasaragode slang is interesting to a certain extent, but that alone is not enough to keep the viewers engaged.

You feel sorry for Mammootty, who plays his character with total dedication. He looks convincing and is his makeover is just brilliant. But the genius actor’s efforts end up in vain as the writing turns out to be incompetent.

The child actor who plays the character Muthu needs an applause for his confident performance.

Puthan Panam is lazily done and besides some casual references here and there, the connection with the demonetization drive is barely impressive. In short, after a good start, this one goes awry. Sad!

Puthan panam review- Verdict: Tedious watch

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