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By: By Rajasekar S

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 05 December 2014

Movie Title



Prabu yuvaraj

Star Cast

Ashraf, Lawrence Ramu,Aditi Chengappa

Rarely do we see a Tamil movie with a lot of experiments as commercial movies are the order of the day, but debutant director Prabhu Yuvraj has touched a never attempted fantasy-horror genre with enough scientific explanation in ?Ra?. The kind of research put in by the team is evident with the title itself; Ra means expropriation (Abagarithal) and they took the reference from ancient Tamil literature, Tholkaapiyam.

It won?t be fair to reveal the plot of ?Ra? as the film itself has many twists and turns. The movie begins with a romantic angle then slowly moves to horror genre till the first half, followed by a mind-freaking fantasy quotient in the climax. As a one-liner, Ra is basically a story which speaks of Ajay (Ashraf) and how he handles the mysterious super power which almost haunts him down and the reason behind the perplexed death of his wife (Aditi Chengappa).

?Ra? is definitely watchable for its outstanding first half with a lot of edge of the seat moments and some solid paper work. The writers duo Prabhu Yuvraj and Ashraf have worked in such a way that the film is not on predictable lines, even the fantasy genre change in the second half works fine but major problem with the film is the back story behind the death of Aditi Chengappa which is not convincing.

As the director deals with winsome ?fourth dimension? communication like Christopher Nolan?s Interstellar, it is quite natural that the audience would expect the same intelligence behind the death of Aditi Chengappa but bringing in revenge and a villainy family member in the back story has diluted the captivating first half.

On the performances, Ashraf has done a decent job for a newcomer. He looks good in portions which demand puzzled reaction but the actor should work on his dialogue delivery. Aditi Chengappa comes only for twenty minutes and she looks cute in the brief role given to her, the actress should work on her lip-sync to make it big in Kollywood.

Technically ?Ra? stands out and it won?t be an exaggeration to say that the cinematography and music in Ra is in par with some of the so called big budget films which are made in Tamil cinema. Saravanan?s angle selection and color tone are fabulous while debutant Raj Aryan has given a stunning background score and hummable tunes just like a veteran composer's work.

Overall, Ra is watchable for its highly engaging first half and the experiment attempted by the newcomers.

Verdict : Watchable

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