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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Movie Title



S Govindaraju

Star Cast

Balaji, V.Ravichandran, Kanniha, Nikitha, Ramanithu Chaudhary

This is said to be a remake of Tamil film Ananda Pongatrai has Ilakyan?s screenplay. ?Rajakumari? is good in parts but director S.Govindaraju (brother of director S.Narayan) fails to hold the attention with a good star cast, good music and cinematography. The story dates back to the 70?s. The screenplay lacks surprises at regular intervals. The inconsequential comedy that does not jell with the cinema is a big bore.

Raja (Balaji) is behind Kumari (Kanniha) for four years. Kumari has a sordid past to that Raja is a witness in the railway station. Kumari is living in the colony with a child pretending as a widow. Actually, the child belongs to her music teacher Ravi (Ravichandran) who was killed, without verifying the truth by Kumari?s father a Zamindar (played by Srinivasamurthy). Kumari on the marriage day finds the ulterior motive of her father. She takes the child discarding her father?s wealth.

As a matter of fact, the boy who was supposed to marry Kumari was Raja. Raja knowing the past was patiently waiting for Kumari who is not aware that Raja was the boy who was supposed to marry her! Meanwhile there is Bubbly (Nikitha) waiting to get clearance from Raja. She is the daughter of an opulent family. Her father can get anything for her happiness. Knowing the facts, Bubbly father kidnap the child with Kumari and blackmail Raja to marry his daughter Bubbly. But it does not work out in the marriage hall. Raja wants to silently leave the place for a serene life but it is Kumari who realizes the flaws and agrees to join Raja.

It is quite an impressive performance from Balaji the younger brother of top star V.Ravichandran of Kannada cinema. Balaji has danced well and has a good future in Kannada cinema. V.Ravichandran as music teacher has nothing much to do. Kanniha has done well. She looks like a queen (meaning Rajakumari). Nikitha is a firebrand in this cinema. Comedy is hopeless in this film. The title song is very melodious, Yaar Yarammii?.is peppy. V.Harikrishna is scoring good tunes off late. Cameraman Joshi?s every frame look bright and exterior shots are pleasant to the eyes.

Verdict: Average

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