Race Gurram

Race Gurram

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 11 April 2014

Movie Title

Race Gurram


Surender Reddy

Star Cast

Allu Arjun, Shruti Haasan, Kick Shaam, Prakash Raj, Ravi Kishan, Brahmanandam,

Ram (Shaam) and Lucky (Allu Arjun) are brothers, but both have sibling rivalry from childhood. Ram grows up to be an honest police officer, while Lucky turns out to be mischievous youth. Lucky completes his studies and is hoping to go to USA for a job. He meets Spandana (Shruti) who is trained to control her emotions by her father (Prakash Raj). After some funny initial encounters, they get along well and fall in love. Meanwhile, there is rowdy Siva Reddy (Ravi Kishan) who wants to be a minister while Ram vows to prove that he is involved in many crimes. This leads to a rift between them. Siva Reddy hatches a plan to kill Ram but wrongly attacks on Lucky. Then Lucky takes the matter into his own hands to save his brother and his family.

Like most commercial entertainers made in Tollywood these days, 'Race Gurram' lacks a strong plot but focuses on entertainment. Director Surender Reddy dwells more on packaging the movie with comedy and other commercial elements to make it a decent watch. He has extracted the best from Allu Arjun, presented the movie with rich visuals and rounded it off with 'Kill Bill' Pandey aka Brahmanandam's superb comedy.

The film starts off on a wrong note and drags on for 45 minutes in the start but it picks up momentum towards the interval . Second half is racy and the sequences towards the climax provide ample entertainment. The best part of the movie is the interval episode, Allu Arjun's performance, Brahmanandam's comedy as a Special Squad police officer and the cinematography.

The biggest problem with this is that it virtually has a story that is as old as Subash Ghai's Ram Lakhan (1989). Script stinks completely. Songs come just for the sake of it and at the wrong time. Only masala is what it provides.

As an actor, Allu Arjun is growing. He has now eased into comedy delivery too. He has given his best in this film. Although his character lacks substance, he makes it work with his charm and performance. Although Shruti Haasan's characterization of not emoting anything to keep a balance in life is funny, she hardly has any connect to the main proceedings but for the songs. After Bunny, it is Brahmanandam who saves the film in the end as 'Kill Bill' Pandey. He also gets elevated to that of a lead hero. Shaam is good as Allu Arjun's brother. Prakash Raj does a comical role. Ravi Kishan as a strong villain is okay. In other roles, Posani, M S Narayana, Ali and JP make their presence felt.

The film has rich visuals and high production values. Thanks to Manoj Paramahansa, the movie has some good visual blocks. The song Down Down Duppa is most imaginatively shot by Manoj Paramahansa. In the Gala Gala song, the visuals are so alluring.

Dialogues by Vema Reddy are okay. S S Thaman has given a couple of good songs and has elevated the movie with his good background score. Action sequences are so pass?.

Director Surender Reddy who made original movies like 'Athanokkade' and good entertainers like 'Kick', has played a safe game here. He has tried to weave formula entertainer.

'Race Gurram' is a regular commercial entertainer with a dose of comedy in the second half. Allu Arjun and 'Kill Bill' Pandey steal the show.

Run time: 163 mins

Rating: Three and a quarter stars

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