Radha Ravi:Why should I apologize, I have not done a heinous crime?

Last Updated: Wed, Apr 10, 2019 09:15 hrs

Radha Ravi recently regretted his obscene remark against top actress Nayanthara. 

But at yesterday’s short film launch, the veteran actor said: “Yes, I said that if anyone felt hurt, convey my regrets to them. I never apologized to anyone, it doesn’t run in my blood. Why should I apologize, have I done a heinous crime?”.

“Today, I’m getting loud cheers from the media and audiences. I also got similar reception at Kolayuthir Kaalam trailer launch. If I speak the truth, people will eventually support”, added the actor.

“I loved director Perarasu’s speech today. But he told me not to get afraid because of the recent issue. Why I should afraid of someone? A few say that I will no longer act in cinema. You can’t stop me, what will you do if I start acting in drama/stage play?”, said Radha Ravi.

“Whatever happened to me is not a problem at all, it’s a temporary issue. If you think my speech had enough truth in it, accept it or ignore.  Bitter gourd is available in the market, the taste won’t be good but it’s good for health. You can’t ask the shop owner to not sell it. If you hate it, don’t buy”, said the actor.