Radhan Ganda

Radhan Ganda



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 16 June 2013

Movie Title

Radhan Ganda



Star Cast

Komal, Poorna, Sudarshan, Kurigalu Prathap, Arya

Comedy star Komal has set high expectations after delivering a good number of hits in the last few years. Radhan Ganda (Radha?s Husband) which was in the making for the last two years however does not live up to the expectations. Firstly, it is a remake of the Malayalam hit movie Make-up Man with a few tweaks to the Kannada version, and secondly, some of Komal?s trademark comical punch dialogues are missing. It looks like Komal is trying to emerge out of his comedy genre, which many of his fans may not appreciate.

The story is simple but the narration is complex. A debt-ridden Komal is forced to marry his girlfriend Radhika (Poorna). However, their life does not turn for any better and Radhika is compelled to accept the role of a film?s heroine. In the process, Komal becomes her make-up man and accompanies her to the shooting spot. As Radhika wins the confidence of the director and the production unit because of her commitment to work and talent, the protagonist becomes insecure. The rest of the movie is about how a jealous Komal tries to scuttle the shooting of the movie.

Komal has always been known for his comedy timing and dialogue delivery. However, in Radhan Ganda, he goes a step further to dance and fight extensively. Poorna makes a refreshing comeback, and at times overshadows Komal in the movie. Radhan Ganda is nowhere near Komal?s hit movies like Mr. Garagasa or Govindaya Namaha.

There are other highlights of the movie that stand out, like the melodious music composed by Manikanth Kadri. Murugan has shown maturity in capturing some of the funny moments effectively. However, overall, the movie fails to impress the audience.

Verdict: Below Average

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