Ragini MMS 2

Ragini MMS 2 review: An entertaining ride!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 21 March 2014

Movie Title

Ragini MMS 2


Bhushan Patel

Star Cast

Sunny Leone, Parvin Dabbas, Sandhya Mridul

It has all the trappings of your typical horror film ? the doors closing, tormented spirits, the possession and scary faces. And yet Ragini MMS 2 is a super-fun ride. A sequel in the true sense, the film?s opening credits are set against scenes from the first film? Ragini MMS.

It begins quite eerily at a mental hospital. Ragini who encountered the tormented spirit in Part 1, is now in the asylum. She keeps saying something indecipherable, and the doctors are flummoxed.

In another part of the country, flamboyant filmmaker Rocks (Parvin Dabas) announces that he?s making a film on the infamous Ragini episode. Sunny Leone (playing herself) is cast as the lead actor. (Which also means you break into the ?Baby Doll? song where the camera shows us Leone in, err, close-ups.)

The film crew reaches the same mansion where Ragini and her boyfriend had gone to spend a weekend together and had encountered the ghost. While the boyfriend died a horrific death, Ragini ended up at the mental asylum.

Before shooting, Sunny decides to pay the real Ragini a visit, and comes back with an unpleasant experience. Post that incident, due to the writer Satya?s (Saahil Prem) insistence, the shooting begins at the deserted bungalow with the cast and crew.

The film claims to belong to the ?horrex? genre?with generous doses of both horror and sex. The latter is a given as the producers are very apparent in cashing in on Sunny Leone?s former adult film star fame. So yes, there are a few steamy scenes here and there but nothing that?s overtly controversial.

Director Bhushan Patel (1920-Evil Returns) gives us scares that are of the predictable variety but you do jump off your seat in a couple of scenes. However the ones with the tacky CGI?disfigured faces etc?are plain hilarious.

The surprise packet in the film is the humour. The film takes delicious digs at the TV industry in the form of a TV ?stars? getting a break in a feature. Sandhya Mridul is wonderful as the Lokhandwala starlet who speaks wrong English with dialogues such as? ?Mere character ka sun sign kya hoga??, ?He was my neighbourer?, and ?So bore?.

Karan Mehra plays the bicep-ed TV star who goes on and on about his fans and how the show had to close when he quit. The film-within-film concept (even if borrowed from Hollywood) works marvelously in incorporating the first story. These days, filmmakers are cashing in on a successful film name and turning them into franchises, or making weak sequels. But Ragini MMS 2 actually has an interesting, heartrending story to tell!

Of course one can argue about the character of the ghost/witch in the movie that flits between getting our sympathy to being downright evil. In the end, you don?t quite understand this supernatural character, despite the backstory. The film needed to spell out its paranormal villain with more surety.

One of the film?s main draw? Sunny Leone looks the part. Compared to the obvious awkwardness in her first Bollywood film Jism 2, there?s a marked step-up.

The film could be disappointing for serious horror buffs. It may not be the scariest film you?ve seen, but with the combination of a few chilling moments, excellent supporting cast and the comedic relief, it certainly is entertaining!

Rating: Three stars

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