Raja Cheyyi Vesthe review: Starts off promisingly

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe review: Starts off promisingly

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 30 April 2016

Movie Title

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe review: Starts off promisingly


Pradeep Chilukuri

Star Cast

Nara Rohit, Nandamuri Tarak Ratna, Isha Talwar

Manick (Tarak Ratna) takes supari and kills people. He has the backing up of top politicians. Although police are aware of his illegal activities, they are helpless as he has the support of political system. But a police officer is on a mission to put him behind bars or finish him.

Meanwhile, wannabe director Raja Ram (Nara Rohit) who is struggling to get a producer for his debut movie falls in love with Chaitra. He goes to the church to impress her and uses all kinds of tricks. She falls for him when he follows the advice of a guy (Avasaral Srinivasa Rao) who turns out to be Chaitra's brother.

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One day, Raja Ram gets an offer from a producer who approaches him through correspondence that he should write a climax for his story in which the hero has to kill the villain who is ruthless. This leads him to realize that he is being used to kill Manick. What happens then forms the rest of the drama.

After releasing two back to back movies - Tuntari and Savitri, Nara Rohit has brought this movie this summer season. Raja Cheyyi Vesthe starts off as a different kind of action story and draws us to the story with its interesting beginning.

The story has a beginning that can be appreciated but the middle leaves much to be desired. And the end is too predictable. Director Pradeep Chilukuri has tried to weave the screenplay a little bit off-beat but he did not succeed. The theme is revenge.

By making the protagonist an aspiring filmmaker, by introducing the antagonist as powerful in the beginning, the director has created interest. But soon he drifts on focusing on the love thread which is dragged on. Post interval, the movie's pace goes uneven.

Moreover, it is illogical to think that police officers would take the help of a struggling assistant director or writer to hatch a plot to kill the rowdy. The elaborate flashback about the heroine is also not convincing.

There are some good scenes and couple of subtle humorous scenes as well.

Nara Rohit as a struggling filmmaker is okay. Tarak Ratna has done full justice to his role as the ruthless gangster. Isha is beautiful. Both Shashank and Ravi Varma in their brief but important roles have lent credibility to the movie with their sincere performances. CVL, Sivaji Raja, Vennela Rama Rao, etc are okay.

Music by Sai Kartheek fails to impress. None of the songs are catchy. Cinematography by Bhaskar Samala is very impressive. He has filmed it beautifully. Editor should have worked more as the movie's runtime is lengthy and pace of the movie is uneven. The dialogues are too cliched and sometimes the actors sound unreal.

As a writer-director Pradeep gets marks for his set-up of the story but gets thumbs down for bad screenplay.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe starts off promisingly but meanders through many lanes to reach the point and in the process tires us.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe review: 2.75/5

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