Rajadhi Raja

Rajadhi Raja

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 September 2014

Movie Title

Rajadhi Raja


Ajai Vasudev

Star Cast

Mammootty, Lakshmi Rai

Listen to this storyline. A soft-spoken man, who would never lose his cool, is actually an ex-don. Baashha, did you say? Well, debutant director Ajai Vasudev's Rajadhi Raja is a potpourri of several hit 'masala entertainers' from Tamil and Telugu, which also includes the Ajit starrer Veeram, for instance.

Even when the world around them has changed for good, considering the modern approach adopted to narrates stories, scenarist duo of Siby K Thomas and Udayakrishna seems to have decided that they will stick on to irritating copies of formulaic Tamil and Telugu films. A visibly weak Mammootty tries to act young and flamboyant, but this film is late to come at least by two decades or so.

Sekharan Kutty (Mammootty) is a perfect husband, living with his wife Radha (Lakshmi Rai) and a daughter, right behind the petrol pump where he is a manager. The troubles start when her cousin named Ayyappan (Joju George) lands up at the place.

With cliches galore and every masala ingredient that would have made a Mammootty fan happy during his heydays, the director narrates a story that is boring to the core. What can you say about those sunglass sporting villains making long speeches and getting killed by the hero, who is just invincible by all means?

The whole industry is vocal against any sort of criticisms or honest reviews, these days. But how can one justify films like this one, which mocks the viewer? This one is a sheer act of arrogance, nothing else and the belief that those behind this inane movie can get away with virtually anything!

In a role, which he should have done during his younger days, Mammootty looks disinterested and bored. Lakshmi Rai tries hard even to perform the goody-goody housewife role. Mukesh Khanna is wasted in an inconsequential role, Joy Mathew repeats his trademark style, Mukul Dev looks unintentionally funny and Raza Murad doesn't seem to have any clues about what is happening.

Rajadhi Raja is a mimicry of some tasteless masala flicks, which are seriously outdated. This one has perhaps been aimed at the hardcore fans of the superstar. Now, decide on your own.

Verdict: Below Average

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