Rajadhi Raja

Rajadhi Raja


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 16 May 2009

Movie Title

Rajadhi Raja


Sakthi Chidambaram

Star Cast

Lawrence, Mumtaz,Karunas, Meenakshi , Kamna, Sniggda

Sakthi Chidambaram?s Rajadhi Raja is the crudest masala movie seen in recent times.

It cannot get crasser, vulgar and panders to the taste of the low class voyeuristic viewers. There?s plenty of blood and gore, including a woman getting beaten to pulp by a man (No wonder it carries an A certificate).

In addition there is a chain smoking villie, and the hero lights up two cigarettes and puffs on them stylishly, as the anti-tobacco statutory warning is written on the screen.

The bad lady, hero and his comedian friend dialogues are most of the time muted by the censors, still there is plenty of double entendre and crude gags.

Raja (Lawrence) a young man in Kuttralam sees his father loosing his arm when a drunken doctor operates on him. His father is framed up by a lawyer and brutally assaulted by the cops. And when he is about to die he gets a promise from Raja, that he will make his three elder brothers into a cop, lawyer and doctor!

Meanwhile, there is a villie Saidai Shyla (Mumtaz) a ganja seller and godmother who becomes a state minister! She joins up with Raja?s brothers - the cop, advocate and the doctor to run her mafia, and our hero comes from the village for the clean up job!

The film is made like a masala 70?s film with action, comedy, songs, sentiments and all other ingredients to woo the B & C audiences. Sakthi Chidambaram?s Englishkaran was a far better entertainer.

Here he has said in his promotion itself that it is the story of a ?low class king?, and meant strictly for them. Lawrence, Mumtaz and Karunas ham outrageously. Meenakshi , Kamna, and Sniggda are just glamour girls meant to tickle the audiences.

Lawrence tries to ape Rajinikanth mannerisms whether he does comedy, dance, dialogues or action scenes. In the comedy scenes LK (Lawrence & Karunas combine) poke fun of the younger lot of stars including one on Suriya?s six-pack!

Karnas music is ear splitting.. Every dialogue is punch dialogue, with the Mumtaz saying things like- Nee college Njaan drainage etc.

Watch this film at your own peril!

Verdict- Low class mass masala

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