Rajahuli - A mass entertainer

Rajahuli - A mass entertainer



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 03 November 2013

Movie Title

Rajahuli - A mass entertainer


Guru Deshpande

Star Cast

Yash, Meghana Raj, Charan Raj, MN Lakshmidevi

Though a remake of Tamil super hit ?Sundarapandian?, ?Rajahuli? with a good characterization and a gripping narration seizes the audiences. It showcases Yash in a refreshing romantic role in a village boy avatar unlike his previous movies Drama and Googly and he scores well in this new avatar too.

The story is rather very simple; in a nutshell, it is a simple tale of innocence and friendship. The effects of wooing a girl in a rural location, forms the basic theme of the story. There are an excess of good points that make the film watch-worthy and there is something charming and instantly likeable about it that makes you settle into the plot comfortably early on in the film.

Rajahuli (Yash) is shown as an angry young man, who helps his friends when needed and is a son of a rich landlord. The protagonist goofs around in his village with friends and decides to pitch in when his friend seeks his help in wooing Kaveri (Meghana Raj). This is when we come to know that there had been a long lost love story between Rajahuli and Kaveri during school days. Impediment occurs when Kaveru falls in love with Rajahuli while he tries to help his friend woo her. Twists and turns add the required grip to the movie.

The racy script, easy flowing dialogues and the twists the director introduces in the screenplay to take the movie off the beaten path are commendable. Yash has done extremely well in his role and portrays an ideal boy-next door image. Meghana Raj fits in the role of a village belle with great ease and impresses the audience with her style of dialogues. Humor which is the staple of Rajahuli runs through even in the serious scenes. Chikkanna and others have done perfect roles as Rajahuli?s friends. Hamsalekha?s music and the cinematography by KM Vishnuvardhana are perfect suitable for such a movie. Director Guru Deshpande though has chosen a remake subject, he has made sure that the story suits the native audience and makes the movie watchable.

VERDICT: Entertaining

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