Rajamouli pleads with Karnataka audiences but activists remain adamant

Last Updated: Fri, Apr 21, 2017 13:09 hrs

Baahubali 2 is facing release problem in Karnataka from Kannada activists. Vatal Nagaraj and many other Kannada activists have demanded an unconditional apology from Sathyaraj for his nine years old speech against Kannadigas during the Cauvery issue. They say that Baahubali 2 will not be released in Karnataka until Sathyaraj makes a public apology.

However, Sathyaraj is not in a mood to budge for Vatal Nagaraj’s request, which causes huge trouble for the makers of Baahubali 2 as they will be losing out a lucrative market. Addressing this issue, SS Rajamouli has now sent an open letter to the people of Karnataka, as Kannada activists are sticking to their demands.

“Under the banner of Arka Mediaworks and under my direction, Baahubali - The Beginning was loved and encouraged by all of you, for that we are grateful and remain loyal to you. You all watched Baahubali - The Beginning and encouraged us. And now Baahubali - The Conclusion is ready for release. As you all know, in this movie Mr. Satyaraj plays a vital role and his words causing distress to the Kannada people is something we were made aware of recently. I believe that it's my responsibility to talk about this situation”, said Rajamouli.

The director says that Sathyaraj’s contribution to Baahubali 2 is limited to acting and he hasn’t penned dialogues or screenplay for the film. “His work in the movie and what he said are not related. It was his personal opinion. He is not the producer of the movie. Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are not departments that he was a part of or had any say in. He is an actor who essayed a role with us and that is all”, added Rajamouli.

Rajamouli also clearly mentioned that what Sathyaraj has said is his own opinion “Again. What Mr. Satyaraj said is his own, personal, opinion and has no bearing on the film. We are not endorsing or showcasing his personal opinions in our film. This is what we believe and would like you, our fans and well-wishers, to understand. Taking this as a responsibility upon ourselves, we, i.e. Arka Mediaworks and I, called Mr. Satyaraj over the phone, where we explained the situation to him. Beyond this, we don't know what to do. What Mr. Satyaraj said was 9 years ago. After which, many films that he acted in and produced were released in Karnataka. Even part one, Baahubali - The Beginning, was released and was supported by all of you and in the same way, I am hoping you will support us when the second part releases”, said Rajamouli.

“If you stop the screening of this movie, please understand that Mr. Satyaraj will not be affected in any way. The people who will be effected are the ones who worked on the film over the last five years - the technicians, the crew, the producers, and the Karnataka distributors; not to mention all the movie lovers who appreciate good cinema. From my first movie, Student No 1 to Baahubali, you have always supported and encouraged me. For that, I am humbled and grateful. So this is my appeal to you all - If you are upset with Mr. Satyaraj, please don't let that affect your love and support for Baahubali. I hope and wish that our Kannada movie lovers will accept and support Baahubali - The Conclusion. I want your love and support for me to continue for as long as I make films”, the director signed off.

Despite Rajamouli’s pleading, the Kannada activists are sticking to their stand point and are refusing to compromise. Vatal Nagaraj, who has been spearheading the movement has said - "Why should Rajamouli apologise for something he didn't do? Our problem is not with Rajamouli or the film Baahubali 2 . How many times should we make it clear that the issue hinges on a public apology from Sathyaraj. He has to apologise."