Rajavukku Check review: A decent crime thriller

Rajavukku Check review: A decent crime thriller

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Movie Title

Rajavukku Check review: A decent crime thriller


Sai Rajkumar

Star Cast

Cheran, Irfan, Srushti, Nandana Verma

Director Sai Rajkumar's Rajavukku Check is a decent crime thriller with a strong plot and motive but the amateurish execution affects the overall potential of the film.

The film's protagonist Raja Sendhoor Pandian (Cheran) is an alcoholic cop who also has Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, a rare medical condition that makes him sleep for weeks or even months. This serious medical problem separates his wife and daughter from him. While Raja's wife filed for divorce, he is against separation and requests the court to allow her daughter to be with him for the next ten days before she leaves for a foreign country for higher education. 

The court and Raja's wife accepts his request but unfortunately, four rich teenage criminals lure his daughter and cunningly sketch a plan to sexually abuse her. Cut to the past, we get to know that Raja brutally punished the gang when they tried to rape a model. Can Raja nab these criminals again?

As pointed out earlier, Rajavukku Check's core concept has the potential for a brilliant cat and mouse thriller. Some of the technical cues used in the film also sound brilliant but the overall execution is feeble. Cheran is a complete misfit for the alcoholic cop role. While he is okay as a doting dad, we cannot accept him as a cop. The chasing sequences and investigation episodes are amateurish to the core. The sexual assault scene is also obscene and distasteful, especially the one featuring Srushti Dange.

In the climax, Cheran not only kills the criminals but also advises the girls to not spend most of their time on mobile phones and social networking sites. They also symbolically burn the laptop and hard disk.

To conclude, Rajavukku Check is an average crime thriller from director Sai Rajkumar. Had he concentrated more in the execution part, the film would have become an edge of the seat thriller!

Rajavukku Check review: A decent crime thriller

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