Rajinikanth gets support from Seeman and Bharathiraja!

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Sat, Mar 14th, 2020, 11:02:55hrs
Rajinikanth gets support from Seeman and Bharathiraja!

Seeman and Bharathiraja have always opposed Rajinikanth for his political aspirations because according to them, only a Tamil should rule Tamil Nadu. As Rajinikanth has now made it clear that he will not be the CM candidate in the 2021 elections, Seeman and Bharathiraja have welcomed the decision.

Bharathiraja also appreciated Rajinikanth for moving away from greedy politics and paving way for Tamil youngsters.

On the other hand, political experts find Rajinikanth's move is nothing but an act of escapism, he knows that it would be tough to win the elections by competing against the two strong Dravidian parties so he has come up with this alternative plan.

On the film front, Rajinikanth's next release is Annaatthe. (Pic courtesy: Chennai Times)